awesome | Reviewer: kate | 2/3/11

in the bible Jesus spent his time with the "unclean" people, the tax collectors (cheaters, liars, thiefs) prostitues, and uneducated people. If you think Jesus loves sinners less than you because you dont drink or do drugs, you dont know Jesus, the one who came for the sinner not the righteous.

Come on Man | Reviewer: Brandon | 1/24/11

First off why are there atheisits on here critqueing someones christianity? As a christian each and everyone one of us ahs a different relationship with god and he has different plans for all of us. Being a christian is a pre-concieved judgement most people have. There is nothing wrong with this song a) he is saying never shy away from sharing your views b) he is saying god is with us all through jesus even the prisoners and prostitues. To be christian only means to accept christ in to your life, acknowledge him as your savior, believe he is the only, and work on your faults. he does not expect us to be perfect and forgives our wrongs unlike humans and most of you on this page. Before you go critcizing Kanye on his on yours~ For though shall not Judge!

hypocritical | Reviewer: Anonymous | 1/13/11

he doesnt seem like a real Christian...real Christians dont drink, do drugs,ect..he's just singing this song to attract religious people to listen to his songs.he's doing this to appeal to religious people too not just secular people..what is in your heart is reflected on what you do...

He doesn't want to convert you | Reviewer: ddrew | 11/13/10

The lyric "but here to convert atheists..." is wrong. He says "Or here to convert atheists..."

These are 2 very different meanings, he's not trying to convert anyone, rather just saying Jesus is in his life and it should be acceptable to rap about that.

Love this song, even though I'm a staunch atheist myself.

before he converted | Reviewer: ash | 8/15/10

These words were so good and it was so real...that was when I rocked wit kanye .....before he turned Mason...everyone applauding this hand sayin he downstairs contradict himself he's speaking truth he is but these lyrics are so old you can't look at these and give explanations...don't sit here and say because he wrote this song he's expressing his feelings so now the music he does is because he's showing he's human and that everyone sins... like WTF its 2010 wake up his message has changed drastically and for the worst...

Mason | Reviewer: mike c | 8/4/10

This song is before tha Boule Rappers wanted him ta sacrafice his mom for that satanic illuminati bullshit and he wasnt gonna be apart of that just ta get famous and tried ta state that in this song , but eventually gave in. and he always referrs ta himself as god and posing as jesus on tha cross iin some videos now . he sux now.

WRONG LYRICS!!! | Reviewer: soright | 7/20/10

Some of this is WRONG

its not BUT here to convert atheists into believers

its....OR here to convert.....

that changes the meaning of the verse completely....he's saying that he's not trying to convert anybody he's just pointing out that the media shys away from music or anything for that matter that deals with religion because they are afraid of ruffling feathers- b/c obviously there are like a zillion denominations and religions practiced in the US and all over the world- so he's making the point that ppl should not be afraid to profess and embrace their faith b/c some ppl might not like it

Hypocritical? | Reviewer: Hero | 7/5/10

Maybe it's because I'm biased (I'm an Atheist) but Kanye does not seem like a real Christian to me. In his song 'Stronger', the lyrics go: "I know God put you in front on me/ So how the hell could you front on me?/ There's a thousand yous, there's only one of me".

Seems like he's a bit big-headed when it comes to religion.

Honest and real. | Reviewer: XProgrockerOP1994 | 6/30/10

This song is beautiful. Kanye West is going through a moment where he realizes that he isn't as great off as he says and thinks he is. He's living large, but he goes on to realize that he needs Jesus, more than anything. He asks God to show him the way, because Satan is trying to get at him, and keep him away from God. He's scared, and feels like all he can do is run from it all, because he doesn't know what to do. He's afraid that he'll never be able to atone for his sins. He's scared to talk to God because he's been a wayward son for so long. All the time, it echoes "Jesus walks" He knows deep down that he needs Jesus, and that Jesus is with him and cares about him at all times. Towards the end, he puts it out there that Jesus is even with, and loves the gangsters, the killers, the strippers, the hustlers, and everyone else who society views as trash. If you have read the Gospels, these ARE the very people that Jesus was with the most. Jesus didn't come for the saved, or the high, classy, well-off members of civilization, He came to be a light in the darkest places. Kanye hit the nail right on the head. He ends his song, by saying that this song was his honest opening up to God, and though it will turn off some of his listeners, and he might lose money for saying the Lord's name in his next big song, he's doing it anyway, in hopes that it might make up for the years that he's strayed away from Christ. He ends it with the chorus, in which he's still scared, conflicted, but the echoing "Jesus walks" is still there, as loud as ever.

It is an honest song of the heart. Kanye is the everyman in this song. "For all have sinned and fallen short of the glory of God". That's EVERYONE. The preachers, the worship pastors, the ghetto hoods, the prostitutes. His language, profanity and all, are him. He's not trying to make a praise and worship album. He's not trying to "act Christian". He's not faking anything. It's all his true feelings. It is expertly crafted, deep, meaningful, and is an honest cry of the heart, which sometimes means so much more than a congregation's hallelujah. God bless Kanye West for this one.

Awful lyrics, great song. | Reviewer: Gese | 6/25/10

Is he basically saying here he wants to convert atheists, that he wants to teach christianity in schools? Because pushing your beliefs onto other people is a wrong thing to do.
"Rappers, are role models: We rap, we don't think"
When did not thinking and rapping about Jesus become a good thing, a thing that role models should do? Belief your own beliefs, because if you don't, you will need to believe in other people's beliefs.

The music is great, in my opinion. Nice hiphop beat, but progressive you know.

no body is perfect neither is kanye, | Reviewer: liz | 4/22/10

I love kanye more then anything, bless him and I wish he mom was alive to keep him in shape. He is all sex up w the nasty gf of his . Yuckkkk amber rose go away. I want the old rapper from chi town. Not the kanye superstar.... he is one of the kind rapper and I been a hip hop fan since the 90's. I love jesus walks I <3 kanye

Yes, Jesus walks. But you still need to ask his forgivness. | Reviewer: Anonymous | 3/15/10

Let us pray for Kanye, 'cos this is an emergency call to be saved and delivered from the influense of the devil which is controlling him and many...many other artists. We need an Urgent call! Jesus is THE WAY THE TRUTH AND THE LIFE. THERE IS NO OTHER WAY which can lead to heavenly God. Read your bible, esp the New Testament. Jesus hates sin, but He still loves the sinner. May God bless you Kanye!

Wrong lyrics | Reviewer: Mahmoud | 3/9/10

You wrote "... I walk through the valley of the shadow of death is..." but what it really is, is this " I walk through the valley of the CHI WHERE DEATH IS..." Chi is a place where kanye grew up in. But still a very good, meaningfull song.

i disagree | Reviewer: Anonymous | 2/14/10

I think kanye does not contradict himself.....his message is that in the song he accepts that he is a sinner and wants to walk with God but he faces so many obstacles......the fact that he curses and talks about spending his money on a chain shows he is not without sin....this song is brilliant.....anyone who struggles to make the right choices can relate to this song...he says I wanna talk to God but I'm afraid cause we aint spoke in so long.....So if your saved your not gonna understand what he is portraying..this music is REAL...people curse .....people are not without everyone who is saved don't judge the mans art and message

what would jesus do WWJD | Reviewer: Anonymous | 1/19/10

i rlly like this song so much it talk about how you jesus helps you. in the video [ if u haven't seen it go to youtube ] kanye looks in the frigarator not much is there then the acter of jesus tap the frig and kanye sees lots of food. jesus is always with you through thick and thin

one thing i didnt like was when he cussed thats not good u should say foul words out of your mouth i used to but it was time to stop sinning.