Jesus Walks | Reviewer: Jenny D. | 4/12/05

I never liked Rap, and after hearing Jesus Walks, I wish it could all be like It. It doesn't matter he swears in it. I don't think God would be mad at him for swearing. He didn't take the Lords name in vain. I can listen to this song over and over. It is so true, and I hope when people hear this song, they come to know the Lord. Kanye West will truly be blessed.

i luv it | Reviewer: Brooke | 4/9/05

i luv it. its so kool. its the best thing to do with jesus. Jesus is so hot, almost as hot as the song. this is a great song and he explains jesus in an awesum way

Jesus walks in my street | Reviewer: *DeLLe* | 3/21/05

this is the best song,
Kanye explains jesus perfectly. Jesus is different to every person, the best thing about this song is there isnt a tonne of swearing like in most other rap songs - but he can still get out what he wants to say... I love this song!!!!

And another thing | Reviewer: Anonymous | 12/21/04

And another thing. There were only two cuss words in the whole song (which are all said in the very beginning of the song), if you consider the "N" word or the "C" word as cuss words (Are we allowed to cuss in this discussion?). If you consider the "N" word or the "C" word as cuss words, then Kanye West said those three cuss words only six times total. That's not a lot for a modern-day rap song. If you take the "N" word out and the "C" word (the "C" word is only mentioned once, and no the word's not crap), then he only cussed twice in the entire song. Not that's DEFINATELY not a lot of cuss words in a modern-day rap song. If anyone's being a hipocryte, it's definately not Kanye West. The real hypocrytes are the people who say Kanye West is, because they think that they can do better. Well, not everybody has the same way of connecting with God.

The real world is a sinner | Reviewer: Anonymous | 12/19/04

I attend an all Catholic school, and I learned that the only real bad word is GD (Gosh Darnit, but the other way), because it uses the lord's name in vain. All the other words are meaningless. They're just expressions that should not be taken as offensive. I loved what Kanye West did to include all the cuss words in Jesus Walks, because that is the common language of the new generation. Live with it! It reaches out to the people better. If anything, I think they made the song's meaning more powerful. It's not everyday someone raps about something not sinful, let alone religion. In fact, Jesus Walks is in a bunch of mix CD's that are sold at my church, NOT edited.

kanye west can talk to god even though they haven't talked in so long. | Reviewer: David | 12/16/04

to the husslers, killas, murderers and drug dealas even the strippas to the victums of welfare we're livin in hell here.
I'm afraid to talk to God cause we haven't talked in so long..
jesus walks with me with me with me..
kanye west is a great rapper and I think that God is working on his heart and God is saying that it's time to come home. But he raps for the destruction of our culture sorry but you can't curse. if he wants to talk to God he should pray and start goin to church and read his bible everyday and then he will join up with gospel rap with MA$E and kanye will get saved and then puff daddy will see that he's turned his back on God too and he will come home then he'll get saved too.

Then we will have kanye west and puff daddy in gospel rap and MA$E is already in gospel rap so then other two switch to gospel rap.
trust me kanye your record will be played just switch to gospel rap along with MA$E and hopefully puff daddy will too.
the radio will then go from rap to gospel rap!! praise the lord!!
start prayin for kanye west and puff daddy ok thanks!! I'll be prayin for them too! peace out!!

I Love You! | Reviewer: Alyssa | 11/13/04

I think the swearing makes no difference to the meaning of the song. What was he supposed to say? "we eat pieces of poopy like you for breakfast! huh? Y'all eat pieces of poopy?"

That'd be odd. Leave his swearing alone this song is gold. I love it. I love you Kanye! Good luck and God bless.

Feet don't fail me now!! | Reviewer: JB | 10/17/04

This is a song that is really needed today. There are so many people who have the same questions about the world and themselves. "I want to talk to God but I'm afraid cuz we ain't spoke in so long." "I don't think there's anything I can do to right my wrong." We need more people who aren't afraid to let people know that they need God in their lives and are not weak because of it. I see comments about him being a hypocrite but I disagree; he is bringing God to an audience who sees church and God as weak because of flighy songs and flaky people claiming to be Christians. The hypocrites are those who are self righteous as if they don't have sin. Kayne's expression in this song is filled with internal struggles we all deal with - I commend for using this platform to bring this subject into this culture of society. (Had to respond is right)

HYPOCRIE! | Reviewer: mZ. rIVeRA | 10/11/04

I think thissong is a disgrace to the father up above becuse how do you cuss in a "religios" song? ur right u dont.

Had to respond | Reviewer: Anonymous | 10/11/04

People are so stupid these days when it comes to Christianity. Why are people complaining about the language in the song??? Get over it!! If all of the other songs in that genre contain this type of language, then wouldn't it have more of an impact if this song did too? He brings up good points to get people talking about Jesus and that's the point!! That is the reason people don't get anywhere in life; they can't get over trivial things and get offended by stuff that's not relevant.... By the way, I'm glad someone decided to make a rap song about Jesus that is not weak, childish or talking about floating away on a cloud someday - we need more songs about God that show the strength it takes to be a Christian and relate it to real life.

AMEN! | Reviewer: Anonymous | 10/7/04

I love this song. I sample my local rap station cuz I like the beat, but I usually don't last long cuz the lyrics make me sick. But I happened to hear "Jesus Walks", and I was so thankful to hear a great song with something worthwhile to say! It was great to know that other people whose minds are usually being filled with garbage on that station are actually getting something good with that song. I hope it helps.

Proper Good Song | Reviewer: danny | 10/2/04

whether ther is swearing or not, Kanye gets the message bout jesus across loud and clear to non christians and to christains too. i think it is Gods way to get the message acroos to people tht arnt interested because they dnt yet kno wht it is all about.

let's play a game! | Reviewer: Dee | 9/22/04

Hey, let's play "What Doesn't Belong?"

a. Jesus
b. God
c. s**t
d. pray

Did you guess "c"? You're right!

Kanye West is a hypocrite. How can he write a song that talks about Jesus and God and then cuss in that same song? Something's not right here.

Jesus Sees as well. | Reviewer: Anonymous | 9/16/04

Kanye west s defintiely getting a lot of attention for this song. Got my ears on it just cause of the title.. Jesus Walks is not what it seems though. Basically he is creating a controversy by using Gospel lingo to get even Christians to listen to his music. But beware Mr. West.. not only does Jesus walk but he also hears and sees the true intent of the heart and mind.. Yes. even in the mind..

God works in misterious ways | Reviewer: Abbie | 9/15/04

da song is wkd,not sure bout swearin though. Kayne west has alot of courage. im not usually into rap atall but this compared to 'guns don't kill people, rappaz do' is amazin. Im a christian myself and i wuld luv 2 sing 4 da lord wen im olda but we'll c. anyway wkd song. JESUS LUVS U ALL x