Making your own Jesus... | Reviewer: Anonymous | 1/27/06

This is yet another example of the "Jesus of the Market Place" where the concepts of people’s beliefs are exploited by some for the all mighty dollar.

More idolatry will not help us have the faith to be set free from oppression and self degradation. We need a savior. A real living experience with a God that can change a life and make it new. Save us from exploiting each other by using things to exploit our brothers and sisters and while we are killing each other the real enemy sets back and laughs.

This song shows the hunger for more but leads its listeners into more oppression and even exploits beliefs for the all mighty dollar. I hope Jesus does come and walk with us and teach how to lift each other above oppression and self degradation.

You can talk about Jesus w/o proselytizing...and talk about race w/o blaming.. | Reviewer: Anonymous | 2/2/06

This song is dope. It is uplifting, unique and well executed.
"I aint here to argue about his facial features, or here to convert atheists into believers, I'm just trying to say the way school needs teachers, the way Kathy needed Regis that's the way I need Jesus..."

Anyone who seems to think that this song "blames white people" is clearly buggin. Just because someone addresses the issue of race does not mean he or she is BLAMING YOU. The previous reviewer is too sensitive and immature to write a review of such a song if that is the case. He is implying that the oppression felt by some (or all) blacks, has, in his case, made him look toward spirituality.
"They be asking us questions, harass and arrest us, saying 'We eat pieces of shit like you for beakfast'..."

If Kanye "holds grudges" like the ones identified in the previous review, he wouldnt be where he is now. Give him some credit, he is an intelligent rapper, on a level that seems to exceed your extent of understanding.

As far as offensive language, a curse here and there, when done well, adds to the feeling of the song. Not everyone considers all the uses of curses to be offensive...It is part of language..


Jesus does not concider our race when saying, "Well done, my good and faithful servant!" | Reviewer: ME | 1/22/06

† Jesus does not concider if we are black, white, or any other race, when he is on the judgement seat. I guess these reviews show that God can use all things to His glory. Even a song with half of the lyrics being filled with very offensive language and blaming towards the white race(implied) can be used to reach people who are in the world. I know that some Christians do listen to rap, but I would recomend listening to Toby Mac or another Christian rapper. Mr. West has made it clear that he has not forgiven the white race for it's wrongdoings during the times of segregation. We cannot hold grudges against people, especially those who are not guilty of the wrongdoing. The modern-day white people are just guilty of being the decendants of these slave-owners. If we do not learn to forgive, our message can many times loose a very hopeful dream of reaching others. He makes mention that he is not trying to get athiest to believe in Jesus. Well, that is the call that is bestowed upon us as believers in Jesus Christ! I would love it if all black people and all white people could get along with each other but I am aware that it is not possible. But as far as Christians, we cannot hold hate in our hearts, no matter the offence. Jesus said to turn the cheak if someone is to hit you. Not to make a song condeming those who are decendants of slave-owners. I do believe that Mr. West is a Christian. I just hope that he learns to trust God in forgiving the white man for what their ancestors did. All I would have to say to him is "DROP IT! It's not worth it. You are doing more harm that help, by creating hatred between whites and blacks. Jesus Loves Us ALL!" † God Bless You All! Bye! †

I Love It!!!!!!!!!!!!! | Reviewer: Máni Bodinaud | 1/8/06

It is one of the best in iceland :P:P:P ¿¿¿ but on the other lands i don't know

powerful | Reviewer: sue | 12/23/05

hey, i don't really listen much to rap. Just heard the song and didn't even know who it was til I googled it. I'm grateful for the song. It speaks the truth. I was moved by it. It is refreshing to hear the truth on radio and not just more uncontrolled drooling and lust...what's new about that? But truth: It shines. There is too much darkness, death, and destruction. Shine on Mr. West.

Ok Ok i am not a beleiver | Reviewer: John.M | 11/15/05

ok im nt a beliver in jesus or god or anything like that ( although sometimes i have questioned my beleifs) anyhoo i listen to rap all the time and well when i first heard this DAMN it was on a westwood cd and well its the only track i listed to for days it is that good. The track just speaks to me in a way no other track i have ever listed to has if you have never heard it before then shame on you, go and buy it NOW !!!!

jesus walks ....its the truth!!!!!! | Reviewer: m henry | 10/24/05

im 14 years old and live in perth western ausrtalia, i my self have srong beliefs about jesus christ and i believe that kanye, as many of you have sed is a geneus. he speaks his mind about God and his love for him. its a leson 4 me to learn as i am un able to share my views with other people around me as i feel tht my opinions would be rejected. but i say to you now that its never to late to trust in God. and its not all rules and commandmentss as the media porteys it to be. i myself have been gifted with the holy spirit and can do amiazing things but all under the power of jesus christ. start praying to him if you have any douts ask him 2 get rid of them and show him self and his love to you.....its not going to hppen straight way and he wont just pop out and say hi but u will ntice things around you start to change. if you think im crazy try it out just pray u only know wat will happen if you dont do pray. joy song kanye keep it going.

Jesus Walks | Reviewer: Nathan | 9/21/05

i saw it during that benefit concert as well and was utterly blown away. very powerful. moving. amazing. i just bought it on iTunes!

Jesus Walks - Very Powerful | Reviewer: Mike H | 9/11/05

I don't listen to rap, I had never heard of Kante West before, and I'm not particularly religious. I heard this song during the "Shelter from the Storm - A concert for the Gulf Coast" show on TV. It was the only song that caught my attention during the entire show. I agree with other people who said it's a powerful song. It sent chills down my spine as well. I would recommend this song to anyone. In my opinion, it carries a very positive message of hope, and yes, religious faith.

Kanye west a genius | Reviewer: BEN-LDN | 8/31/05

Kanye west is a musical genius jesus walks is one of the best songs i have ever heard it transformed me into a massive kanye west fan, he truly picks his words, everyone swears once or twice in their life its called emotions, kanye truly broke away from the normal and smashed the rap game into pieces, he should of won the video of the year at the 2005 video music awrds (MTV).was a con because rock people were sayin mtv dont care for rock so they let them win it...KANYE WEST....

kanye rocks | Reviewer: Anonymous | 8/11/05

i think that it is an amazing song.It reaches out to the lost and gives them a crystal image of what Jesus is really like. Like everyone, kanye west has a way of expressing himself and if he wants to use a few words that people may moan about thats fine! He has done a great job in explaining his relationship with god and i think that god is saying my child i love you, it doesnt mater what you have done for the slate is wiped clean. And people these days can really relate to rap music as a moving generation and so i think that god really has an amazing purpose for his life and just imagine when Kanye has a proper break through and gets more intimate with god, his music will really be hittin the charts! i thin its great and he had some courage an d strength god given to do that and i think god would be glorified and really pleased with his child! Bless you kanye, you rock x

Jesus Walks | Reviewer: Anonymous | 7/19/05

This is an incredible song because it's breaking away from all the norms of rap and talking about something truly meaningful. The message of this song is much needed and i commend Kanye West for standing up for Jesus. It's something i find really hard, so it was a great encouragement. Jesus is walking with us and so often we neglect the fact that he died for us. It's about time we started praising God and walking with him.Thanks Kanye,you're a top guy.

wow | Reviewer: Lucas Myrick | 6/1/05

When I first heard "Jesus walks" I thought about the segregated times.It made me think of being black in a segregated world.
In "Jesus walks" Kanye West really talks about beliveig in God.When I hear this song its like I hear him say NEVER lose faith in God and thats why I like this song.

Jesus walks | Reviewer: Lucas Myrick | 6/1/05

When I listened to "Jesus walks" for the first time I thought about the world of segregation."Jesus walks" spoke to me strongly.I am white and hearing this song made me think of how it would feel being black in the time of segregation.I wish everyone in the world could hear this song.

Kayne is making changes | Reviewer: Jono | 5/15/05

People and there judgements are so bad...i don't understand who anyone can say that this song is no good just because he "swears" a few times in it...he is in the position to put God's name in the word, and he is...he is strong enough in his christianity and in God to sing what he feels and that is incredible. People should learn from Kanye, we all think that "what if our friends think we aren't cool" when he has to worry about the whole world, and he just doesn't care at all, that is AMAZING...Kanye is definately following God's plan for him, and is making an difference...
Kanya rocks...this generation is starving for Jesus Christ and he is putting out great.