I LOVE GOD | Reviewer: cool | 11/20/07

Kanye says it all. We all need jesus. He walks for the atheists too. as hard as it is to believe he does. He died for them just as he has for us. Maybe they will turn around, but in the end it will all be sorted out.

so much perpetration... | Reviewer: vbenyhwh | 11/13/07

this song is doing nothing but perpetuating more of the same deceit that has been passed down through the centuries. god, jesus, jehovah, holy ghost, kanye, diddy, salt and so many others are leading masses str8 to hell cause they all are marching to satan's orders. if you want to begin to learn the truth, go to www.eliyah.com with an open mind to start getting the truth. the Word is very clear when it says ...search the scriptures, for in them you THINK that you have eternal life... john 5:39

He IS Everywhere | Reviewer: Chris C | 11/13/07

Although I agree with "Real Christian | 11/3/2007" on most of their topics. "Real Christian" also says:
"Does Jesus walk with the " the hustlas, killers, murderers, drug dealers even the strippers?"...The answer is NO!"
But the thing is, God is everywhere, he is in everything. Period. He is in every shadow, every footstep, everything. I think Kayne West's song "JESUS WALKS" reminds us of that.
No, Jesus does not approve of murder, dealing drugs, or the strippers, I'm sure, but because "God so loved the world, he sent his one and only son (Jesus) to die for our sins."
Jesus loves you no matter who you are, or what you've done! He is everywhere waiting for you to come to him. If you don't believe in Jesus, it doesn't matter, for He believes in You! He is waiting for you to accept his love.

TRUE Faith | Reviewer: Anonymous | 11/12/07

Be it known unto you all, and to all the people of Israel, that by the name of Jesus Christ of Nazareth, whom ye crucified, whom God raised from the dead, even by him doth this man stand here before you whole. This is the stone which was set at nought of you builders, which is become the head of the corner. Neither is there salvation in any other: for there is none other name under heaven given among men, whereby we MUST be saved. Acts 4:10-12

Sabbie | Reviewer: Sabrina | 11/12/07

I love this song!!!Every thing he says relates to my dads and my life I've been through alot for my age.It just describes me.May this song be in my mind my words and my heart!May this song live through others and in me!God Bless All who belives in this song or lives by this song!!!
God bless Kanye West for making this song to show how he feels!He has a lot of guts to say what is on his mind!!!God bless all!!!!!

Faith | Reviewer: D | 11/4/07

how long will it take for society and possibly future generations, with all its diversity of ethnic backgrounds and concurrent beliefs that God was is and will forever be a part of our lives...life is a matter of preception; furthermore, the meaning of life is to understand other peoples perception's (not the OPP song from back in the day)...There is no need to wait for a Messiah, a second coming or a true religion...For non-believers, Jesus was real---there is no way that a story about a man could have survived hundreds of years without being alive, that is my belief..I've enhanced my belief into that Jesus was a spiritual brother, it is the Christian faith that place the title of CHRIST to him, not Jesus asking for it; moreover, there are spiritual sisters so basically that is everyone who has ever lived....God exists in all of us, Jesus knew that and tried to show everyone with his teachings that we are all the children of God...once you've accepted that, peace will be bestowed upon you...Move away from the anticipation of miracles being performed as proof but rather focus on the impact you could have on each other's lives...

We, just like Jesus was, are all on the path to Judgement, yet many fail to realize that judgement day is everyday....make your choice in God's name...

To Anonymous | Reviewer: Monty | 11/2/07

To whoever signed their name as Anonymous; You have to believe in God and live by His Laws if you don't want to burn in hell. So why would you say
" I'm not saying u HAVE to believe in God and that he sent his son to die for our sins. "

I think that was wrong to say. Theres no question to think about. Its either you live for Him or you don't. Up to you.

Is Ths a Christian Song? | Reviewer: Real Christian | 11/3/07

Is he realy preaching about the saving grace of Jesus? Are we to receive the Word of God from a person who admits that he needs Jesus, but still commits the sins he knows will warrant him eternal death? He says his momma told him only God can save us, but he is still going to be gone til November(selling drugs).
Does Jesus walk with the " the hustlas, killers, murderers, drug dealers even the strippers?" The Bible says that when we sin, we separate ourselves from God.(Isaiah 59:2) The answer, therefore is NO!!! God does not want us to have anything to do with the works of darkness.(Ephesians 5:11) Finally, God says that we must repent of our sins in order to recieve salvation.(Acts 3:19) He does not justify our selling drugs, praying to him, and then going back out to sell drugs the next day. Jesus does not walk with that!


good as/he is | Reviewer: Anonymous | 10/27/07

this song is really nice and has a great meaning people I'm not saying u HAVE to believe in God and that he sent his son to die for our sins I'm just saying think it over mann.. . where do u wanna spent your eternity?? in flames dying or in some placa peaceful with God?? think about it people! :)

amizing song | Reviewer: lil Dreamer | 10/21/07

omg this song is amizing this is a good message to the people rappers should not rap about how much money they have they should rap about life.

Wow. | Reviewer: Jess | 10/11/07

I'm speechless. This song is amazing and i'm so happy that Kanye had the guts to write something like this when there are SO many people out there who mock Christianity. God bless you Kanye.

after reading comments | Reviewer: Jesus Lover | 9/30/07

Jesus is the truth and i'll follow him til the day i die, sorry for those who think its all about the argument of "satanic worship" and "preaching" if you want to debate debate about something else, and get away from your computer and do something better with your life.

christain rapper? | Reviewer: Anonymous | 9/12/07

well i'd do anything for a blonde-dike
and we'll do anything when the time's right
-christain kanye

Jesus walks | Reviewer: mila | 9/7/07

Love the song love the message. The man is reading from my diary (not in detail) I wish more artist would bypass the bull and write about life.
Give us more of this type of art Kanye. Jesus is for those who believe not just bigots.

ok listen | Reviewer: Ken | 9/7/07

fist...ozzy isin't a satanist...he just sings the music he likes...and if you haven't heard all of his songs like chances ..then don't open your moulth...
he's a legend.. maybe not for me and hip hoppers...
just because someone makes smekind of music or listens to it..doesn't make them a satanist...it's just says...he has it's own taste and he listens to what he likes...

and btw...satanist keep a low profile...so...maybe some underground bands are satanic....but ..usualy..no..

and the reason you don't hear it on the radio is because there isin't a big enough demand for that song.....
personaly.. kanye is one of my favorite rappars...he's got a great flow and knows what he's rapping/talking about..
even though i like to listen metal and rock..etc.

great song with great lrics..