I love this song | Reviewer: Anonymous | 9/27/08

During a time where most rap is about sex, money, drugs etc; it's refreshing to come across a song that I can listen and even relate to. This is top notch. It's too bad that there are only a handful of songs like this.

Grace | Reviewer: Gina | 9/8/08

I believe this song is amazing and even though this man might sin I say give him a break only jesus can change of coarse he has his part to do but we must not judge him but pray for him and encourage him in the right direction.

No one is perfect. | Reviewer: Anonymous | 5/26/08

This song say everything about life. Everybody does all these things in this song whether it be swearing or having sex. No one is perfect thats why we do it. Jesus was the only perfect man. He loves us all remember that.

I am glad I didnt hear this in 2004 | Reviewer: Anonymous | 4/27/08

In 2004 I might have been just as judgmental as some of the reviewer i read on the last pages. This is an amazing song that reaches out to an enormous amount of people. Kanye West is is identifying with people where they are, and sometimes for people to know he is real and to realize he has frustrations just like them, he has to swear even in a song talking about Jesus. Its reality. You don't find may people including Pastors who don't swear these days. I know I live in a city with the most churches per capita in the whole USA. I have heard pastors and preachers swear, and sometimes almost from the pulpit. This song makes me a Kanye West listener, and you know it is funny because I know people who hate rap and only listen to hard core rock but who listen to him and like his music. He might have the biggest fan base of any rap star out there.

To the world out there | Reviewer: Anonymous | 4/11/08

let me tell u something. Jesus isn't a religion, once his Spirit of Power lives in you, you cant hide it inside, you gotta tell the whole world that he lives and he is the real Life! And no, this isn't a metaphor people, HE IS LITERARLY REAL.So if you think the so caled ' good life' seems to be good, lemme tell u something your leading yourself to the gates of hell, because watever the world offers, it offers death and destruction.Period. So im asking this, whats the point of gaining the whole world and losing your soul at the end?

Great Song! | Reviewer: Patrick | 3/24/08

This is a beatiful song, fusing the elements of rap and Christianity together in perfect unison. Kanye is expressing himself and his beliefs in this song and is not afraid to do so. He talks about how most rap is about sex, lies guns and such and how "people" don't allow rappers to talk about Jesus. Also about the cursng, I would look for a clean version but I would listen to the expicit one nonetheless (not in front of my parents though!). I think by swearing, that Kanye is expressing his feelings to the fullest extent. He's talking about what it's really like in this world. It's not all perfect language. To all those people that criticize Kaney for cursing are only too afraid to admit that they also do it themselves. I curse and swear here and there, and thats because I'm human and am not perfect and so is everyone else. Do you people think that detectives when interrogating a prime suspect or what-not will not swear like "i eat poop like you for breakfast"? Get real and wake-up! Other than that, 5/5 stars!

I LOVE JESUS | Reviewer: Anonymous | 3/6/08

I say that Jesus is a pretty cool guy, I love him so much. When I'm scared or just thinking, I just talk to him because I just have a good feeling inside and it makes me feel protected. I wish that everyone followed him, I'm scared to see what is going to happen because there is so many bad things in the world today. I just hope that he will give everything that last chance!

excellent song ( but please help) | Reviewer: Tyrone johnson | 2/17/08

I am not a kanye fan but I am happy that he made it in the recording Industry. I am 99% sure that as a child I've listened to that chorus before. can some please track down the original artist of the gospel song and get back to me.

E-mail/ OperatorinRDG@inbox.com
Phone/ ask for Tyrone Johnson (419)566-6247
Fax/ (419)525-3492 Attention Mr.Johnson (CEO,RDG Music Group)
Address: RDG Music recording Group (Tyrone J.CEO)
201 East 5th Street
Mansfield, Ohio 44902

Thanks for any and all help.

What the??? | Reviewer: Anonymous | 1/12/08

I LOVE GOD | Reviewer: cool | 11/20/2007

Kanye says it all. We all need jesus. He walks for the atheists too. as hard as it is to believe he does. He died for them just as he has for us. Maybe they will turn around, but in the end it will all be sorted out.

As hard as it is to believe, mate, God bless ya, but its hard to believe that he didn't come for athiests, when the reason he came was to show athiests the way, and that it is possible to live life without sin, and then he took it a step further knowing that we as humans would never live without sin, died on the cross for all our sins, past, present and future sins. So in this sense we all need to be living in victory because the battle has already been won.

Lil Fresh | Reviewer: Kundai | 1/3/08

Kanye West has alwys been the best rapper to me and u cn see that he is the best bcoz every song of hiz has a meaning like this one such powerful words in his rymes.

they're not all to blame | Reviewer: kanyewest* | 12/7/07

i am not really into rap, but i do like some hip hop and most of kanye wests' songs. he raps about true, and strong lyrics that no one else dares to talk about. he ignores taboo. as well, the lyrics are in pretty damn good beats! i was just reading over these comments and i have to say that some people are really getting mixed up. i am christian but not CHRISTIAN CRAZY. i go to church but i don't take part in dinners and stuff, anyways i believe that Jesus does not love Strippers, drug dealers, etc he loves the person behind the drug dealers! the fourteen year old kid who had to join a gang so they would not target him, the 18 year old girl who had to prostitute to feed her family, or just the guy who was there at the wrong time. jesus loves everyone. period. and should we be punished because we were born into cetain situations? my mom is a lawyer and she had a client who was forced to be a hooker so that she could feed her siblings. she was 14. should Jesus not love her because she had sex when people have sex all the time? at least she's doing it for a good cause! (btw, i am not any of these examples but i live in a city with lots of youth crime..)

Strong Lyrics | Reviewer: Dominique | 11/29/07

I'm not a huge fan of rap. (Not the mainstream kind anyway.) But these lyrics are true just like the underground stuff...

I like this song because the lyrics are so strong

Jesus Walks | Reviewer: Anonymous | 11/22/07

Kanye gets the message, Jesus walks. Being one with God (who is perfect&right in love,thought,&deed) did not have to identify with us or come to our level of depravity and walk with us in order for us to see the filth/emptiness of our darkness so we would desire Freedom&Light. We know what we do is wrong but being slaves to sin (think of a crack addict & that is us when we choose our "need" to have our desires/lusts over the common sense of God's instruction. He put this show in motion so of course He knows right ways from wrong ways)we do it anyhow. You don't have to identify with the local crack addict & pour out all you have to help them;however, if they are family because you love them not that they love you you use all the power you have to free them from the destruction of their slavery. You do this by showing them the Light not by condemnation (by their misery/remorse they already know their desire is wrong) but by love (1 Corinthians 13:4-13). Debate God's name, His home, holiness, denominations,existance whatever but at the end of the day God will still want from us what He has always wanted from the begining....to walk with us. Cease from all your desires to gain this world,which you are going to lose via death anyhow,& walk with Him along the path of freedom Jesus walked for you.Because you believe on Him&desire to know Him/The Light, which has no end(study light to find out what this really means), He will give you a new Spirit-new desires included(namely a desire to know Him&the Father)and He will give you eternal Life (righteousness, joy & peace). Pretty simple. Jesus doesn't run, sprint, hurdle, high jump, etc. JESUS WALKS. Pretty Simple.

Jesus Walks | Reviewer: Al | 11/21/07

This song is Genius. I love it! I'm not a hip-hop aficionado just a committed Christian. Jesus hates the sin but loves the sinner. He does not condone sin, and does not want us to sin anymore. Look at what Jesus did with the adulterous (and the religious people) in John 8:3-7. Kanye is putting the name of Jesus before people, I say great. It is God who draws people to him, as He did me when I was a drug dealer many years ago. I too prayed as I sinned and had God “tormented” me with thoughts of His way and the wrong I was doing. I too was drawn to him by a song [Andrae’ Crouch’s Perfect Peace], it was the holy spirit who gave me strength to turn my live around. Jesus walked with me and loved me even then.

I LOVE KANYE | Reviewer: ?????? | 11/21/07

Urm yeha i thought he was with EVERYONE!! Vicars preach saying he forgives you and he LOVEs EVERYONE so why wouldnt he love strippers and hustlers and drug dealers.