hip hop IS controversial | Reviewer: cat | 4/15/09

Jesus said 'you who are perfect throw the first stone'..
I agree 100% with Michael... ( the one WITH the CAPITALS thing GOInG) You got it all right there. Jesus hung out with the murderers, strippers, prostitutes, drug dealers of his society.... Jesus came to heal the sick, not the healthy..... How else will you reach the thousands of souls on the street without someone like Kanye West, who they respect, giving them the message???
Even if people don't agree with what he is saying... at least they are thinking about it!!!! None of this stupid apathy.. people like it or hate it but either way they are thinking about Jesus!!! Surely that's worth rejoicing for???? So what if it's not perfect??? He's doing more for God and being more courageous than most of us 'true' christians.(btw we are all equal, no christian is somehow better than another cause they sin less!!) He can't have got all that much profit from this record but he took the time and released it all the same for our rebellion... we ARE at war with society. Kanye West, yes, JESUS WALKS!!! He walks with you even when you don't know it! and he's listening no matter how long it's been. JESUS WALKS!

Stop bashin his music | Reviewer: David | 4/9/09

This is a great song. I am 16 white and i live in australia and this song is something from the heart. This is the best song about christianity u will find as it is done by a man who has had a troubled life not some man/woman who has been raised to be a christian and lived a perfect life. Bryan u have to realise that this is about the only way we are going to spread the word of the lord through out the world as most kids dont want to listen to christian rock as no offence it is terrible.

Oh, relax people | Reviewer: judijo | 4/5/09

Kanye is not my favorite artists, but this song is one of my favorites, and I am white and his mother's age (may she rest in peace).

This song represents the crazy scene of hypocrites and fake people who call themselves artists. The writer, I would guess Kanye himself, is torn between what his head, his heart, and his soul is telling him on a daily basis.

We are all stuck in a constant tearing of what is done and what SHOULD be done, in the eyes and laws of God. I think West put it down very well here.

The day he's DREAMING about | Reviewer: michael | 3/12/09

I FREAKED out when I heard this song. A secular rap artist rapping about JESUS ? What GIVES ? Let me give those IN THE DARK some CLARITY: EVERY heart has a GOD-SHAPED hole that can only be FILLED by JESUS. This is KANYE'S cry for that HOLE in his HEART to be FILLED. He is RECOGNIZING HIS need for LIFE RESTORATION throu JESUS. It's a PUBLIC cry of DESPERATION from a sinner who has GAINED the WORLD but whose SOUL is in JEAPORDY. He has EVERYTHING of the world a man could ever want. BUT no REAL PEACE or JOY. THOSE only come from ABOVE, and from JESUS (who is NOT of this WORLD).If you know anything about Kanye, you know his MOTHER was an integral part of his LIFE. She ENCOURAGED him to GET RIGHT with JESUS. This ADMONITION is echoed in the lyrics of this song. After her DEATH, that PLEA from her became a DEEP PIERCING TRUTH that he cannot DISTANCE himself from. GOD used her as a WITNESS in HIS life, and she DID HER DUTY WELL (MISSION ACCOMPLISHED, ....almost) She did not live to see the fruition of her WORK, but I BELIEVE she will see it from HEAVEN. Kanye uses COARSE language open to criticism, but it is a LANGUAGE his FANS understand. The word in question is used in the context of descriptive imagry, conveying a message of truth. How does one FAULT TRUTH in it's sometimes BRUTAL REALITY ? SHIT is a word in this CONTEXT meaning GARBAGE (or worse than). We've all been treated like that (ESPECIALLY by SATAN, but by no means LIMITED to him). Who can argue with HIS SOUND REASONING. This "HOLIER THAN THOU" attitude of CRITICISM by some CHRISTIANS and others, I find is REMINICIENT of the SCRIBES & PHARASEYS in JESUS' time on earth. In regards to this WISEN UP & let PAUL give you a REVELATION, READ PHILIPPIANS 1:18. PAUL would have (& DOES !) REJOICE in that Kanye is literally PREACHING JESUS with BOLDNESS & COURAGE not found in many CHRISTIANS ! This man should be COMMENDED, encouraged in that witnessing vein of song writing, and most ASSUREDLY lifted UP to the LORD in PRAYER. I hear in this song, a lost, hurting SOUL crying out to a LIVING GOD, with the UNSHAKABLE CONFIDENCE that JESUS ALONE can save HIS LOST SOUL. Yes JESUS WALKS wherever HE pleases. And if you are WISE to RECEIVE it, EVEN in RAP SONGS with seemingly "questionable" lyrics ! Can I get an AMEN ANYBODY ? (I for one PRAYS Kanye FINDS that day he's DREAMING about, when JESUS WALKS with him....

Wow guys | Reviewer: Jeremy | 2/20/09

Seriously, I am christian, and i do not take offense in this song, it shows how our society is going, how we should look up to god for help, for his mercy.

And if these other people who bash this song, you are not doing a fellow brother a favor, god commanded that we love each other. And not hate, we all make mistakes.

I think it is childish christians should bash things just because "it isn't good", I am christian, true christian. And god has always helped me, Jesus walks!

wow | Reviewer: Anonymous | 2/5/09

note to all you bible thumpers out there:

not everyone lives in the stone age where we put money in the swear jar and live our lives based on god. stop preaching

great song, kanye fell off as of late with that 808s and Heartbreak album, but i hope he can get back to his College Dropout type shit, this song, All Falls Down, etc are great

Substance | Reviewer: David Leitman | 2/2/09

Society needs fathers back in their children's lives, so kids don't look to rappers to raise them and teach them how to be men. Only Jesus gives us the perfect example of manhood, but a father in a kid's life is also crucial.

Settle down | Reviewer: Titus | 1/6/09

Well he definatly took a step and put this song out so i would not bash him too much. I am a christian and i dont find it hipocritical to curse, at least not the way he used it he wasnt using it to offend you, it's just reality. It's not like he's going to hell for it, and you never know he may regret it now...

disgusted | Reviewer: Jak | 1/1/09

hunter, i totaly agree. its well and fine to say your a christian, but dont just talk the talk, walk the walk kanye. his attitude towards himself and towards what he is portrating God is disgraceful to God and to us true christians

I can not believe... | Reviewer: Anonymous | 1/1/09

I can not believe this song. I haven't heard the song, but these lyrics are suprising!! I think that this song does have Christian influence, and I don't think that it is used in the wrong way. Yeah, the swearing kinda makes me dissapointed (I don't listen to rap music), but still, very suprising!! But here's the part that is really suprising to all Narnia/Skandar Keynes fans. This is supposedly "Skandar's theme song" (listen to the Prince Caspian commentary in the movie) and Skandar is an (are you ready for this) an ATHEIST!! But I'm starting to wonder if he changed into a Christian... (even though I highly doubt it)! So, what do you guys think?

if you like rap | Reviewer: bryan | 12/27/08

there are some great Christian artist. Go to GODTUBE and check out Trip Lee or Lecrae. They are true Christians with real lyrics they arent vile, profane, and egotistocal. Please check them out!

Grace to You!

Tell it, Kanye! | Reviewer: Luanne | 12/18/08

I am not a big fan of rap. I'm 43, middle class white Christian mom. But I am a fan of Kanye! Even if he swears too much and is full of himself, he is extremely talented and innovative. I definitely want to see him in concert. I just hope he has the ability to keep himself grounded and humble, especially without his mom. I am especially glad to see that he is not afraid to talk about his faith. Jesus is real and Jesus is LOVE. He knows every single detail about you, and loves you more than you could ever imagine. He truly wants the best for you. Open your heart to him this Christmas and let him in! It will be the best decision of your life. He won't promise your life will be perfect, but he will promise to take you through it. Step out in faith and walk with him on the water like Peter. You will experience peace in the midst of life's storms, an unshakeable sense of joy, and love that overflows from your heart and spills over to those around you. He will never fail you! Happy birthday, Jesus, my very best friend. Love you with all my heart. Thank you for trading your crown of glory in heaven for a crown of thorns...all because you love me so much. Thank you for the cross that changes everything, making a way to heaven for us. Your ultimate sacrifice gives us hope. Please forgive my sin. I claim your victory. Please come into my heart and make me a new creation. Help me to be the person you created me to be. Thank you my lord and savior. Amen.

kanye-a little full of yourself buddy! | Reviewer: marie | 12/4/08

I love this song and all, its my favorite by Kanye. However, if any of you saw him preform at the VMA'S or whatever it was, and heard him say "I will be the next idol of my generation!" Then you would have to agree with me when I say that he is WAY to full of himself. I'm not sure that he said thoes EXACT words, but it was something like it. I laughed so hard that I simply fell to the ground. You're the next music generation? Well excuse me Kanye but that's like comparing yourself to the beatles. Are you kidding me.

? | Reviewer: Hunter | 11/28/08

Im sorry if you dont agree with me on this, but I think it is very childish and ignorant to sing about Jesus and then swear! You are just being a hypocrite!!! And most of all YOU ARE GIVING GOD A BAD NAME!!!! It makes me very very angry when people say that they are a Christian and then curse!

Awesome | Reviewer: Emma | 11/22/08

I know I've done wrong things and listening to this song really makes me feel better because I know that I'm not the only one out there who has done bad stuff. I love the way Kanye expresses his beliefs and I can relate to it.

Great song 5/5