Kanye West "Jesus Walks" - Gangsta f'sho! | Reviewer: Harold T. ('Lil Lee) | 8/18/07

Most excellent song. I never heard it till I watched the movie 'Jarhead'. Coz my son was in the Marines when the movie came out; he was in Iraq for the second Desert Storm. I was in the first Desert Storm so I know what he did over there in Iraq. We're a band of brothers: Black, White, Indian, we're all ONE race - the Human Race. Kanye tells it like it is. I like his style and I'm down with how he's keepin' it real. Kanye, you'll always be #1 Rapper in my book. Thank you for the song.

Kanye West / Jesus Walks | Reviewer: The Shiny | 8/6/07

Well, at least he's not preaching! 'cause if that was the case I wouldn't even bother with this song. (I don't need to be told to 'believe' in anything, thank you.) But rather he's expressing his own faith and that's fine. Also it is something different from the same old, same old, sex, drugs, guns, cars and money. All of which are the reason I stopped listening to hip-hop. It just got so damned repetitive.

The comment about ozzy | Reviewer: Candy | 8/5/07

Okay first of all...Ozzy isnt a satain worshiper. Just because of the music he sings thats what you call him...you my friend are a sterotyper...STOP IT.

here ya go!!! | Reviewer: Cassandra | 7/26/07

Spam the truth I would like to try and support what Seth said.... He's right about this... You know what i'm not saying that i hate satin believers( if that is what they are, don't really know).. I just don't support what they do!!! And yes there music offends me, and it gets played, but music about jesus is totally ignored and not played on the radio! Why is that? And also god does accept all types of children, but satin believers aren't his children because they haven't asked to be. Seth wasn't being racist he was plannly saying that he is offended by their music, not saying that they were stupid or anything!

........................................... | Reviewer: Seth | 7/21/07

They say you can rap about anything except for Jesus
That means guns, sex, lies, video tapes
But if I talk about God my record won't get played Huh?

The world doesn't want to hear about it. I have never heard this song on the radio EVER. It "offends" people. Well you know what? Black Sabbath, Ozzy Osborne and the other satin worshippers offend me. So why is it that there stuff gets played but the truth doesn't?

Amazing Song

sir, yOU ARE A REDNECK MORON. | Reviewer: SPAM THE TRUTH^^ | 7/17/07

I personally think you, (truth@truthiness.net)sir are confused. First of all, how can you be racist and live a religious lifestyle? How can you claim to truly love with hate in your heart?

I'm not religious at all, But I do know God accepts all people as his children. So YOU may be a little confused,let's grant you that much. However, I still don't think that excuses the comment you have posted.Think twice before you speak young grasshopper;what you say can come back to haunt you...

As for the kanye song;it's aight.You can't knock a cat who can RAP AND PRODUCE all his own shit...

Unless you're that redneck guy,(truth@truthiness.net)then I guess you could go to an web page containing an artists lyrics which you apparently like,but make derogatory comments about that person.

You must be a real winner.So If you can be racist, I can be prejudiced for just a second?

Let me guess...:

-You live in a ranch style home:aka a trailor.
-Your wife is considerably larger than you(in both directions).
-You cannot remember the last time you got laid, or had anything else for lunch except a mayonnaise sandwich.
-You have a serious case of herpes and all you can share is your anger.

We here at the society of sarcasm care deeply about your deep-rooted redneck issues.We're sure you have valuable explinations for ALL of your racist actions!

think about it .

wow, that is deep | Reviewer: connor | 7/13/07

if isay this right, kanye west is explaining about jesus, now itz not from the scripture but itz pretty damn close to being true! and in there he says that rappers as role models sing about sex lie drugs and video tapes, but when he sings about jesus his record wont get played.

i dont know about u but my local radio station never played this song, i had to listen to it off the computer

About the song Jesus Walks performed by Kanye West | Reviewer: Kobe | 7/1/07

Im really glad that i found a christian rapper!! I think that song is a very good message to all people. Everyone should find jesus and give him his life!! IT is cool believe me if you found jesus you are glad

Awesome song | Reviewer: Joy | 6/25/07

I personally HATE hip hop lyrics, they're all about the same stuff and they're just so boring, and I was about to change the channel when this video started on MTV and I was hooked, I loved it!!! its so good and the lyrics are AWESOME!!!! Kanye did a great job!!!

Jesus walks | Reviewer: randy troutt | 6/20/07

my name is randy troutt, a 52 year old
that has been for 30 years and still is playing lead guitar and singing in a rock band Ace80 (no this is not a bowflex commercial). a young rapper / sampler
named ryan jackson in nashville tn turned me on to this song and it's the stuff! the real stuff.
finally a new song with meat / substance ! somebody telling how God really is and how he gets to us in many different ways. God is the creator of creativeness, the bishop of BOOM, the master of any stupid spellcaster, the awesome power that looms...... within each of us. thanks kanye keep up the real tunes. rt

jesus walks | Reviewer: samara | 6/19/07

i can't believe he said the sh word but other then that this song s touch me and i'm very proud of this singer kanye west keep it up kanye west i love you.

Jesus is Black | Reviewer: The Truth | 6/18/07

This song would be good except for an ignorant, uneducated nigger wrote it. "George Bush doesn't like black people." How ignorant. Of course he likes them, he just prefers to watch them on Sundays playing football instead of speaking ethnocentric nonsense.

PS - Jesus is not the Messiah. John the Baptist is.

Love it! | Reviewer: Addison | 6/13/07

This song is amazing, I heard it ages ago, then I heard it again in the OST for Jarhead, and I just loved it again! Great movie, great song...perfect, practically made for each other.

It's touching | Reviewer: Geoff Roach. | 6/13/07

It's touching to hear something like this in a day where anyone who say's anything like this out loud, they are considered offensive... Everytime I hear this, it actually make's me think about my life all together... so yes, I do recomend it to anyone... it's worth listening to, no matter who you are.

the Gospel | Reviewer: silvestre | 6/8/07

kanye did the best work ever since the writing of the bible. his song is truely reflective of wat we blacks feel and go thru.even GOD feels witb us the things we go thru and understands it. from hustlin, pimpin and all that shit. thanx kanye for touching my life