Improvise | Reviewer: AMANDA R. | 4/1/2008

Improvise is about this girl that meets up with a guy that's famous and he tells her not to get blind by his fame ...
'Please don't get confused by the ice and jewels
I'm like any other nigga buy ice to stay cool
Like any other nigga that claim they hate school'

But then he knows he is lying because he spends his money when he knew he was suppose to buy her a wedding ring. He lies to her face. And at the end of his splurge trip he comes back to find out his girlfriend is focusing on school.
She went on to improvise, to use whatever it is available, for her survival of life and move on without the help of a man.

Fill your lives
With nothing but lies
And I would like to apoligize


nice nice | Reviewer: Morris | 5/6/2007

now i'm trying to call
one ring two ring seven ring eight ring
her mother pick up the phone
like she at school and she don't stay here no more