6 stars | Reviewer: Sydney | 9/12/09

I started crying when I heard this song. I'm 11 and I can't imagine my mom not being there for me. As I sit here crying, i would like to dedicate this song not only to my mom but all the mom's out there. (Nothing against Dad's, of course, I just haven't found a song for them yet.)

h3yy mam | Reviewer: livi | 1/3/09

thiis sonq iiz soo niice bcuz iit remiind all those ppl ₩サ lost daii motha and rememba dha thiinqs dhat daii w3n throw and テЦ§Ł have flash baqq and ass yhuu piicture iit yhuu テЦ§Ł wriite about iit ii love Tサ1Š sonq bcuz iit make sense and iit nt liike dha othasz :-)

Sweet | Reviewer: Maggie Pino | 9/8/08

My son Giovanni recently dedicated this song to me and I had the opportunity to listen to it today. It's a very beautiful song and it's nice to know that my son thinks of me when he listens to it. He has definitely come a long way. I am just as proud of him as he is of me! Love you so much Son...Happy Times are here to stay (-: