hip hop hustle rules | Reviewer: natasha | 1/26/2008

hey what eva u guys say bout dis lyrics i don care coz dis damn thing is great,know y coz no one can do better songs dan 'kanye' n also not 4gettin t-pain.dis song reveals d thoughts of guys (which is damn true) cmon y'all it is but not dat bad i neva miss dis song wen it comes on tv cya... n keep watchin VH1

kanye cannot be touched | Reviewer: Anonymous | 12/15/2007

before yall get on my ass im just gonna clarify my comments from 11/30/07. kanyes lack of rapping skills and lyrical arrangement are irrelevent when you consider that compared to oh say eminem biggie or pac hes never been a great emcee and that he is the greatest musical mind in hip hop if not in music now if not EVER. this song is inspirational humorous extremely well written newsflash kanye can write and the lyrics are even more amazing when they have real focus. kanye can grow as arapper if he wanna but he dont have to. kanye is THE MAN. ok yall r free to crucify. peace.

baby | Reviewer: priscilla | 12/7/2007

me and my cuzins like that song thats my favorite song ??????????????
you do cool songswith baby bash
t pain???????
chris brown t pain of kiss kiss ??????????
I love your gieses songs.....
My big cuzin say 's that you are

great beat, bad rhyming | Reviewer: Anonymous | 11/30/2007

kanye is an innovator of something that is gonna piss me off for years to come. he created an absolutely brilliant arrangement and then just to annoy me added a choppy flow pop the trunk... she got the goods no pausing in rap kanye. he has gotten better as a producer but he might actually be goin backwards as a rapper. whatever he dont care what i think cuz people are buying his album. im praying for a miracle.

nice dude | Reviewer: matthias | 10/27/2007

nice dude your good keep doing it like me cause same if you dont believe me im the manager of kanye.and if you dont believe me write me a letter to (mat_gab95@hotmail.com)okk!!! Ill respond you iight and we could talk about writing a song togheter okk good luck!! and please dont say my email to other people ok please really dont say it to somebody else ok !!!

kanye west and matthias friedich

This is the GOOD LIFE!! | Reviewer: anonymous | 9/12/2007

This is one of my favorite songs from the album especially cause t-pain usually seem to add somethin extra 2 songs and the beat is raw.