sexy too | Reviewer: Shimeka | 1/30/2008

man this song is soo hot I really feel what he is talking poeple always talking shit but when that shit hit the fan everything I am not made me everything I am

Everything I am | Reviewer: marlo | 9/26/2007

Kanye's new album is off da chain. Next to Big Brother this is my fav track on the album. This c.d. only makes me wonder even more about what he will do on the next album. The first 3 have been great...he can't fall now.

Best Song | Reviewer: Air Jordan | 9/24/2007

This is the best song that i've heard is my top song on Graduation, and I think that Kanye Is the best of the best he's the number 1!!

Best song on "Graduation" | Reviewer: Astro | 9/19/2007

This song is the livest song on this whole album!!!!!!!!! D.J. Premier sets it off with his scratches.
Great song Kanye