Confused | Reviewer: Corky | 3/29/14

The song has an excellent beat - almost a throw back to Kanye's earlier stuff (pre-Mom death). But the song has no point, as Bernard said. For an artist to be a self professed genius, I keep expecting more. His beats do sometime show strokes of genius, but the lyrics are idiocy. Maybe I shouldn't compare 2004-2007 Kanye to this new guy, then I won't get disappointed every time I hear a new song. It's just that great artists improve over the course of their careers. My fault for expecting more...

Uncomfortable | Reviewer: Anon | 2/22/14

From start to finish the video for this song was uncomfortable to watch, and the song itself made no sense in terms of genre, and the lyrics meant nothing. And this man a self professed 'genius' thought this would pass for music? There is a lot of great artists out right now with real songs, Pharrell with Happy Song would be a fantastic example. This however, is the single worst insult to music to present itself to date.