racist...really? | Reviewer: Anonymous | 6/9/09

ok..so since when does sayin that someone gets paid off from everything racist... lets say he said the black man get paid off or the latino man...is it reallly racist and if so how If any one should b offended or ashamed it should be those who are throwin away their money an allowing the "white man to get paid offa alla dat"

Dumb Person | Reviewer: Anonymous | 5/11/09

"not in al cases, but generally speaking, it is true that whites tend to feel superior to blacks."
Alright you have no idea what you are talking about and it is obvious. How can you possibly prove that. Oh! Thats right you can't. Maybe where you are from thats true, but to go that far is extremely offensive to people like me a white boy and many other of my kind. This kind of statement truly makes me angry. this song is one of my favorite off the album but that white man line is questionable, but fuck it is an awesome song. this song is about money.
Gotta go

My 2 cents | Reviewer: Anonymous | 4/20/09

I love this song (for obvious reasons)

I just wanted to point out that in Late Orchestration Kanye switched the "And a white man get paid off of all of that" to "And George Bush gets paid off of all of that". My point being that he doesn't want to accuse all white people for being all about the money. He's directed that line to a few. In the cd version this may just be hard to understand. Kanye style is simply to go to the extreme even though he doesn't feel this "extreme" about something, why? Well once he stated that those lines that are extreme spark the attention of the listener, and thus he can feed in more information. I have no idea if this is what kanye meant, but this is how I understand it.

what? | Reviewer: Anonymous | 4/17/09

im pretty sure its not all white people owning these companys,
airs: micheal "air" jordan's definetly making money off of that.
crack: its not white peoples fault some one ddecided to cook coke with baking soda and sell it to the fiends.

its just about evil people, the color of skin should have nothing to do with shit anymore. were all humans and ALL people need to stop descriminating and grow the fuck up.
i dont give a fuck what you look like, skin color, sexual orientation... what ever, its who you are on the inside... good or evil.

People are idiots | Reviewer: Anonymous | 3/17/09

Anyone with half a brain that listens to this song knows that it nothing more than the truth. Everyone keeps talking about the line about the white man getting paid blah blah blah. think about it. the is still subtle racism in this country no matter how people try to deny it. in saying that we are tryin to by back our 40 acres, he is saying that black peolpe are trying to get what they were promised. not literally 40 acres, but equality. not in al cases, but generally speaking, it is true that whites tend to feel superior to blacks. seeing as though i live in the South. i am constantly subjected to such judgements. they may not be as overt as in the past but they are stil there. Kanye is not racist, he is a realist. He sees things how they are and if you dont understand then it doesnt apply to you. You cant put down something that you know absolutely nothing about.

Black Girl From Alabama

Huh.... | Reviewer: Me | 2/27/09

God is my witness what a name to put when you make yourself a prime example of an ignorant african american who just sees Barrack Obama as a black president and who is just worried about "fuck u white people we got nigga in the white house look at u we in power now". You do not know what you are talking about and you should be ashamed especially referring to him as a "nigga" its the ignorant "niggaz" that give african american people a bad name.

white mans world??? Not for long! | Reviewer: god is my witness | 2/10/09

Who eva thought we will see a black president??!! Kanye speaks the whole truth n nutin but the truth but, however, whites are no longer on top, the powafulest man in the world is a black man! change has come! i guess barrack was influenced by TUPAC- CHANGES, where it was stated that america aint gunna see a black president. well tupac (RIP), u influence barrack n he's proved u wrong, not all niggaz are in a PEN!!

Wake Up! | Reviewer: Noe | 1/31/09

Some of you people complaining need to take the rose tinted glasses off your face and grow up. Pick up a damn book and then you'd actually know that, that one line in his song ... is the most accurate of everything he said (and that stands out because basically everything he said was accurate).

"Airs" little children are made and distributed by Nike ... who started and owns that company?

Crack is an offspring of coke, whose was itching for the demand of coke in this country ... who flew the shit into this country, who made a deal with the devil to fund Iran-Contra?

Now answers those questions and then come back to me about whose really being racist.

So yeah the rich white fat cat and powerful MAN is getting paid off of all of that. The sooner you wake up to that reality the better. Go volunteer or join the Peace Corps or stop your f'ing whining, spoiled brats.

just a simple review | Reviewer: adis | 12/30/08

im not a huge kanye fan, i think that there are way better hip hop artists out there that go unnoticed, but this song is great. ive read some of these reviews, and the whole black white things keeps coming up.

i agree that "white man" remark is def false. now in all fairness, there are alot of racist white ppl out there, but there are soooo many more that are against racisim. there are just as many black racist ppl in the US as white ppl. thats not gonna change.

but think about who the audiance kanye is trying to reach? i mean, its no secret that more black ppl are into hip hop then white ppl. so saying something about white ppl is as much as a attenion crabber as his actual opinion.

dont look into it too much (white ppl), they are just lyrics. if you really cant stand it, make your own song bout black ppl. not like its gonna make a diff but atleast kanye will be left alone.


uncomfortable truth | Reviewer: Leon | 9/28/08

A very honest song- just saying that the "American way" is to wait for material wealth to solve our problems- those created by society and those created ourselves- and we are the only people who can solve our problems- playing into the material culture only continues the cycle.