Missing the point | Reviewer: Anonymous | 7/5/08

I think everyones missing the entire point of the song. It's not about black & white. I think this songs about people and how they cover up their insecurities with material possessions. I think "and the white man get paid off of all of that" comment was referring to when he said "to get this paper look how low we'd stoop" meaning he feels white people do anything to get money no matter how low it makes them seem. Just an opinion though everyones entitled to their own.

wouldnt have much say | Reviewer: hello | 1/24/08

i think what kanye said is quite realistic. so many people are trying to live the american dream and attend college, but does all that really matter in the end? i think it's what is going on around us that makes us think we need to go to college to suceed or anything mentioned in that song.

YO | Reviewer: L.J. | 1/20/08

You guys say the white man will alwasys rule, well i say GOD rule and he says the first shall be last and the last shall be first so were on our way!

KAREEM | Reviewer: Anonymous | 1/19/08

Unlike typical rappers who put out songs with a strong base and catching lyrics so that they can just put up sales. But Kanye uses his status to touch on issues going on today which makes it alot more fun to listen too because it really gets you thinking. Rappers such nas, tupac and others are well known for that. Overall, its a great song that might be a little offensive. We need more artists like him because the stuff out there right now is no good.

Say it Kanye | Reviewer: Nickas | 12/14/07

I love this song. I'm not that way, but yes alot of fellow blacks will like to wear the best clothes or have the nicest of things because back then we couldn't (not by choice but by force).

Yes. Properties were stolen, rights were taken away so now that the tables have turned and we have money we won't take it by force. Instead we will buy it back, i.e. 'our 40 acres'.

Nobody is blaming the white man, but yes even today they will enslave us if the can. Thank god for education= I have emancipated myself, I'm going to great places = I'm not going back into slavery.

kwlll | Reviewer: Anonymous | 12/1/07

its a great song and i saw him in concert the other day but i dont know why he has to say the white man and put every white man into that group any way its a wkd song!

He is right | Reviewer: He is right | 11/29/07

I'm white and what he says is the truth. Im not 100% sure if what he is saying is 'blame ourselfs for being the ones playing into there hands' or 'blame the whites they are running the shit' but either way he is saying that the white man will always rule. Im not being racist at all cause if i am then so is Kanye but the white men are at the top of ALL lines of authority and i cant see that changing any time soon.

yeh | Reviewer: kiana | 11/22/07

this is my favorite song by kanye juss listen to the lyrics even if it is a good beat reguardless you can still understand what he is saying listen to jesus walks that is agood song also hes not being racist hes just living in reality and speaking the truth!!!

reverse rasicm | Reviewer: Anonymous | 11/13/07

reverse racism, you said it perfectly.

i have to admit, i enjoy this song, and the complexity of its lyrics, but i think that blaming the "white man" is reverse racism. Its as anonymous said, "I blame the sterotypes they bought into."

reverse racism. | Reviewer: Anonymous | 10/20/07

thers no doubting kanyes a great artist. THE white man comment was however out of line.
It's as though he summing up the prpblems of the minority but defacing another one. When the minority has enabled itself. The people in the song hes talkign about chose the lives they live and to target the white race is completly, wrong. They're acoutnable for their actions. Buying back your 40acres? how long is that shit going to be pushed. If people stopped beign so sensitive about something, that happened year and years ago, there would be much less controversy. I love this song. I dont argree with the lyrics. Blame the white man go for it. I blame the sterotypes they bought into. You chose to fit into those catagories, the caatagory doesnt choose you. I'm not white, so dont pull that you're just saying it because your causcaion non-sense.