Best Western | Reviewer: Anonymous | 7/22/04

All Falls Down is a fresh hip hop tune mixed with the smooth R'n'b choruses of Syleena Johnson. If anyone wants proof that Knaye West is the saviour of Hip Hop, look no further!

Its refreshing to see a rapper that ain't just sticking to the regular 'up in the club' record. I mean come on, who can even tell the difference between Chingy's 'Holiday Inn' and Cassidys 'Hotel anymore?. There are some real classic party chunes, and then theres just new baby rappers trying to compete to the standard of the great. Okay, we get it you're big boyz who get 'tipsy' on cristal with big boobed hookers!

The lyrics are real, and people can relate to them. At first I just loved the catchy rhymes and rhythms of the song, but after a few listens I realised it was a reality about a girl who's trying make it through a college degree cos she don't want to dissapoint her parents, but is struggling to cope. It's about being self concious, and using cash, ice, fancy clothes to 'cover up whats inside'. Being rich certainly doesn't make anyone perfect. It's serious issues repersented without being preachy.

The only fault in this song,and in some other's in Kanyes album,which overall, is my one of my favourite records, is that theres some lyrics like 'Drug dealer buy Jordans, crackhead buy crack / And a white man get paid off of all a dat' which I think are pretty racist. i mean, maybe I'm just missunderstanding them, but I'm half-cast, and my mommas white so I really don't appreciate it, ya know?

But, this song is definetely gonna go down a classic. kanyes got somethign special and original about his rhymes, that haven't been seen since Jay-Z came on the scene. Out of 10, I'd give it 12!

Elena Macker