Pure Genius | Reviewer: Ronny D | 10/19/12

Their instrumentals,timing,and lyrics have never been duplicated in my humble opinion. I have listened to all their recordings many times over, seen them perform live on many occassions, and still am amazed at how progreesive they were/are...like I said,genius! It's in my will, to have "The Wall" balsted at my funeral - so powerful, yet so comforting. Christian & mythological lyrics tied with great musicians just works...wish I met them. Live on Kansa; live on...

the states facts | Reviewer: ben | 1/19/10

Did you know that the states capital is Topeka?
And do you know the states bird? it is the Meadowlark! The states tree is the Cottonwood tree. and the states song is "home of the range"
you will have a fabulous time in Kansas. it will do you very good to be in Kansas. the states flower is the Sunflower. HOPE YOU GOT A LOT OF FACTS OF MY HOME STATE

Kansas Today | Reviewer: Tina Barger | 9/19/09

How many original members are still with the band? Names? New albums? Loved Kansas in my younger years and just recently started listening to my older music again. It's like experiencing a brand new group again!!