what a song!!!! | Reviewer: tony | 6/8/08

I remember when first viewing the song on the video clip in 1977 (i was 19)and my mum commented that singer has a good voice!!!(that says it all!!)that was my first glimpse of Kansas, and that song...still one of my all time favourite songs (now iam 48) and comes from my favourite album of all time....my son (10) loves this song as well...Tony from Australia.

Carry On Way ward Son | Reviewer: Cave man | 2/1/08

It is shame that no one knows good music any more, like Queen, or The Beatles, Eagles, lENIRD sKINARD, rOLLING sTONES,etc. But Kansas is freaking awesome. Kansas is freaking awesome, ROCK ON MY BROTHERS!!!!!!!!!!!!

Awsome | Reviewer: libby | 1/21/08

This song is so awsome... many people these days do not know what classic rock is... it's a shame. but this song brings back many extrodinary memories.

carry on wayward son | Reviewer: benjamin | 11/13/07

this song is fuckin awesome. It was awesome when randy marsh played it on south park. fuck yeah!!!!!!!

more than meets the ear | Reviewer: Uncle Scrotty | 7/23/07

As has been cited already, this irresistably catchy, powerful number launched Kansas' careers into the ionosphere. It is actually, however, part three of a tryptich that began on the previous album "Masque" (1975). The two final songs on "Masque" ("Mysteries and Mayhem" and "The Pinnacle") are allegorial tales of the archtypal Hero as recognized by Occidental literary traditions. "Carry On" is the obligatory happy ending to the Hero's struggles.

song on a popular tv show | Reviewer: michael | 7/18/07

this song was on supernatural on both ending season (season 1 and 2 ending) now that is saying something as in hey this song is great lets but it on supernaturl. and seans it is on a popular tv show it must be a fuc*** good song!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! lol!!!!!!!!

AWESOME SONG | Reviewer: Dave | 6/18/07

Probably my facourite song of all time with Dire Straights - Sultans of Swing. Truly a classic and yes its super fun to play in GUITAR HERO 2

Great Song | Reviewer: Tyler C.V | 6/9/07

This song is great! My band and sing this song for practice (and on guitar hero 2)

Carry on Wayward Son | Reviewer: Alex | 5/22/07

lol....we play this song in the marching band!!!!!
it rocks!!!!!

A Song for the Ages | Reviewer: Tyler | 2/24/07

WOW! This may be one of the most timeless songs of all time. It's classy, catchy, and well written.

Great song! | Reviewer: Nicki | 3/27/06

This is one of my favorite songs. the guitar solos are awesome, and the song itself I think is really catchy.

Great american song | Reviewer: kj | 9/20/04

if you dont like this song, then well i dont like you