To Anonymous | Reviewer: Jay Moe Lana | 8/13/14

To Anonymous, I bet you are of my age but I doubt that you have a kid or are ever close to the so-called tweens. I have a 10 year-old daughter who always seems to enjoy her dad's types of music from "the old times". I always think it's good to familiarize the kids with the music that are not pretentious or self adoring, the kinds that we find in most of today's music. Try to be more positive in acknowledging their will to be different than their peers. After all, that was how we all used to be, right?

To the kids here, try listen to other evergreen songs from the band Kansas such as Dust In The Wind or Fight Fire With Fire. Those are the pieces which have influenced many and I am sure they will affect you all in good ways too.

To "Duncan L'Argent", the author of "The crap of today is bull" | Reviewer: Anonymous | 9/17/13

...and to like-minded tweens who were fortunate enough to grow up in an environment with classic rock music: please just give it a rest. We're all very glad that you are a young person who enjoys music that most children your age don't appreciate, but, and I think that I speak for
many people when I say this, I certainly don't appreciate bragging. It's very true that we don't want to hear your rant, and I mean that as kindly as possible. However, if you are going to rant about something, please use as much proper spelling and grammar as your school district allows at your age. I'm also somewhat confused on why you posted that here... you never said a single word about Kansas or "Carry On Wayward Son", so your rant may have been best posted elsewhere.

The crap of today is bull | Reviewer: Duncan L'Argent | 5/4/13

I agree with all of you and espeacaly the cave man guy, I am 12 and my favorite band is Queen. I am asking the dumb (this is insalting dumb people) hipsters why they think psy or lmafo are so good!?! None of the people of today even have probably two octives. Freddie murcury had five. The singer of the song Gloria had five. I'm guessing only two today have that. I mean what music does katty perry give that's good? All every EVERY ones music is screw this and F that. What is the good in this? Only a few songs in the. 70's and 80's were about that. Gorge michels and one of Queens. Oh by the way were the heck is the rythem in todays music? Again I am twelve Justin bever and katty perry should listen to classical. It is 100 200 300 years ago and they need to learn from it. Thats wrong. Insteroments needs to learn from 300 year old music is wrong. There are people from this great time the 70's that I don't like who are better then todays music. Music bro listens to german music that's not ones I like is not Du Haust or Bang Bang that's better than today. I could go on like this for probably this multaplied by fifty, but I am sure this website would not like it and you probably don't wan't to here me rant, so bye!!

Awesome 80's song | Reviewer: Andie | 11/19/12

I'm an 80's kid and have always loved the music from the 80's. I'm 32 now and still would rather listen to it then what they have now. I too love the fact that this song relates to the show Supernatural and wish they would play that song more often for the show because it does relate so well and not to just that season but every show. Rock on 80's, you'll never dye.

Interesting... | Reviewer: Anonymous | 2/15/12

This song is amazing- for anytime you're having a hard time. Also, really good are Celtic Thunder, Casting Crowns, Newsboys(the ones that did He Reigns), and John Mellencamp.

Great song | Reviewer: Lauren | 10/28/11

I really enjoy this song. I'm 11, but you shouldn't mix me up with other kids with bad music taste. For one, i don't like justin beiber, kesha, katy perry, lady gaga, and so on. I'm an alternative girl generally. That includes metallica and tool. But i like jason mraz, kansas, and journey. I especially love this song when i play it on trumpet. It's widened my note range by 2 notes. And if i can do 4 more notes, i'll be above the general trumpet capabilities. I'm a natural i guess you could say. I play alongside my boyfriend, the once was best trumpet player in the district. But i've officially beaten all his records. So i've taken over. And this song is more than a helper. I enjoy the time i play it. It's more than complicated to play trumpet. To seem easy is different than to be.

Classic Lives!! | Reviewer: Anonymous | 7/29/11

the song has a big impact. its pretty good and i agree that it is the finale song for Supernatural Season 6. the guys are just genius in writing and making the music. Wish we had more songs like this it just gets into you.

Two Thumbs Up & Five Stars | Reviewer: Blakely Wintersfield | 7/29/10

I'm a... picky person, when it comes to music. I openly insult songs that I find even slightly atrocious, and advertise the ones I love. I'm from the 90's, so I grew up on a lot of Linkin Park and Green Day. Getting me to like anyone else takes a lot of work. But this song - this band - is without a doubt a classic that should be remembered for generations to come. It should never be forgotten, never be downplayed, never be overlooked. I love this song - music, lyrics, performance, blend... it has very few, if any, flaws. Good job, Kansas, you'll always be remembered. And I thank my mother and father for forcing me to listen to some of their music; now bands such as Pink Floyd and The Association have a new fan. If you haven't heard this song, then listen - you will not regret it.

Carry on | Reviewer: Gabby | 6/8/10

i am 14 year old girl in NY. i am a huge fan of old rock because i grew up around it with my father and brother always teaching me about video games cars and music. I'm really into Kansas Led Zeppelin, etc. i also love supernatural♥ and mysterious stuff like that. one of he best songs ever made if people made more music like this the world would be alot better

awesome | Reviewer: Erin | 6/1/10

love this song... love how it relates so well to the show supernatural even though it was written quite a long while before that... love hearing it on the season finales... fits perfect... all around awesome song too

Living in the past. | Reviewer: Mel | 5/25/10

I am a 15 year old girl living in Australia. I hate the 'music' that is out now. There is barely anything released nowadays that even deserves to be called music.
I am living in the past... with my Elvis, Beatles, and Michael jackson posters cluttering my walls. I am a huge fan of Supernatural, which introduced me to Kansas and this song. This song is my favourite song of all time... the words, the variety of the music itself, are pure genius. No matter what mood I am in... Carry on Wayward son makes me happier.
<3 Thankyou Kansas for bringing such a song into the world.

What You Need | Reviewer: Mat Jones | 5/6/10

This song has lots of meaning to it. You have to shut off any thing that is making noise, put headphones on, and concentrate to this song, this is one of the best songs anyone will ever here in thier life. now that people are into Hip-Hop, Rap, and RMB, it's a shame they can't listen to songs like this,now-a-days, eveyone just tries to be cool by listen to all that cRAP. Classic Rock is the best music and nothing can take that away. the only music i like is classic rock and im 14 years old. pearl harbor birthday

CARRY ON MY WAYWARD SON | Reviewer: leny | 7/21/09

This song is fr***** Bada**.If you haven't heard this song,you better hear it, you'll love it.Plus to tell you the truth,i'd rather stay home and play guitar hero instead of going every time i go somewhere i hear this song on my mp3. "ROCK ON"

WOW | Reviewer: Breno | 10/30/08

I don't know if you already noticed, but this song is very related to Supernatural series. It is played on the recap of episodes Salvation (firs season), All Hell Breaks Loose: part two (second season) and No Rest for the Wicked (third season)

Kansas is awesome | Reviewer: Sky | 8/5/08

i only had one of their songs "Dust in the wind" and i didn't realise that they were really good. I got some of their songs and now i love them. Classic Rock Is Best. A world without Classic Rock would be a Dead world.