love this band | Reviewer: Tony Cullen | 3/29/2008

This band has got to be one of the best, the other two Epica and Nightwish, but this mob are sick to the brink of distruction. i would do almost anything to ether jam with them or meet them.
ROCK ON!! tony Cullen

new horizons | Reviewer: eugens | 7/14/2007

Kamelot has taken the music scene by storm with their unique sound and always melodic tracks. We have Khan's voice perfectly in tune with mr. Youngblood's agressive guitar bursts. Listen to songs like "The Center of the Universe", "Nights of Arabia" or "Love you to death" and take a moment to listen to the lyrics. They truly carrie you in a different world.
The current album isn't their best work yet but hopefully, the will at least keep it up and we'll hear more and more of them over the years to come.

Kamelot | Reviewer: Kushtrim | 5/26/2007

There is no other group expect Kamelot...

I have never seen better group then Kamelot:

They made a perfect Music: I wanna Say Hi to Them

This is music | Reviewer: nightwish4ever_mad_dox | 3/25/2006

KAMELOT IS THE BEST BAND ALL OVER THE WORLD!!! Khan's voice is pure pleasure, Thomas is great, their songs are power, poetry and... art! They're my Gods. Khan is God! After Freddie (Queen...), obviously...

more... | Reviewer: Xsi | 7/1/2005

The Saga continues after the release of Karma.
First the great "opera", Epica, in 2003 then the new album, The Black Halo in 2005.

Epica was produced and engineered by(who else) Sascha Paeth and Miro. It had tons of guest musicians, like: Miro, Mari, Sascha Paeth, Luca Turilli, G√ľnter Werno, Jan P. Ringvold, Robert Hunecke-Rizzo, Cinzia Rizzo, Annie, Herbie Langhans, etc.

The Black Halo was just released, and they come to Europe to. Please visit for more info on tourdates