GREAT !!! :) <3 | Reviewer: beckkii | 8/20/09

OMg i love kaiserss they are the best band in the world , yeah there are other great bands but who can beat
1:a great looking singer
2: a drummer that can sing and drum at the same time.
3:a bass player with the curyist hair i ve ever seen.
4:a great guitarist
5: and PEANUT !!! :) <3
they are all very talented and deserve to have got this far there is not one thing i can say bad about them or their musicc!!!
so keep it up kaisersss <3

Rocked ACL | Reviewer: Sarah | 10/10/07

I've been a fan for a while but at Austin City Limits 2007 they completely won my heart. Hands down the best show of the weekend - even with a potential sprained ankle slowing the show down. Unbelievable show. I'm a die-hard fan when it comes to my eclectic taste in music, but I think the Kaiser Cheifs compete with the other band that's been my favourite for going on 10 years! (And I'm only 23...)

kaiser chiefs are hottter than ever!!! | Reviewer: Ms Chief | 6/4/07

luv luv luv the guys they are brilliant especially nick hodgson i do like a guy who can sing and most of all play the drums and his smile is just a bonus oh yeah!!!!!!!!! cant wait to see them in concert their new album is fantastic every one go out and by it u no u want 2

Oh My God! | Reviewer: Chaz | 9/9/05

Not, not the title of a Kaiser Chiefs song, just the fact that no-one has written bout the Kaiser Chiefs yet! There great, I think that they sound a bit like The Jam which is pretty great. I like Modern Way an I Predict a Riot best but hey, the others r great too. They ROCK an thats all i wanted 2 say.