hoping this is good for renewel of love for our marriage | Reviewer: BR | 8/5/13

going thru TOUGH 'need-space separation' after almost 25yrs of marriage --is this song one that i may use with my wife to beg her to "Learn to Love Again" with me, her husband/best friend/ confidant/ everything for 25 years?? if not --what song(s) are GREAT for trying to reconcile??? Please help my situation !! Thank you

AWESOME | Reviewer: Louise | 11/25/07

I luv this song, im going through a real breakup and this song gives a more positive outlook on life ahead of me!!! AWESOME!!

Where to download? | Reviewer: Ha Pham | 8/17/07

I love this song.Can anybody show me where can I download this song?

so beautiful !! | Reviewer: Reema | 7/21/07

my gosh!! wat a gr8 song!! i cant stop listening to it!! it makes me wanna dance

This song appears in the movie "The Perfect Man" | Reviewer: Vannessa | 6/24/07

This song appears in "The Perfect Man", when Hilary Duff is dancing with her mom and sister. It's a beautiful song. I love it..!

so cute | Reviewer: Sarah | 4/30/07

omg this song is so cute and it like helped my friend with like a rilly hard break up its so amazing <3

AMAZING | Reviewer: John | 2/28/06

WOW.... u've got to check this song... really amazing lyrics and the tune are lol.. go and listen to it

luv the song | Reviewer: steph | 8/2/05

i luv this song its sooo gd listen 2 it cause when u do your going 2 wanner get up and dance 2 it!

bloody brilliant! | Reviewer: vicki | 8/1/05

this song is wiked! great beat makes u wanna dance! listen to it!!