Lil John-John | Reviewer: Lil John-John Malichi | 4/24/07

I love this song so much i think this is the perfect song for if u are telling someone u r going out wit and u love that person and u dont no what they might think. this song go so hard its da perfect wedding song!!!!!!!!!!!!!11

The Tears Of Life | Reviewer: abby | 3/20/07

I LOVE "All My Life" it is the best song ever. I will never forget this song it reminds me of my baby and so much more of the people that i love, when i hear this song i always cry i just love how k-ci and jojo sing. This is the only song that i have heard that talk's about how much a girl means to them!!!

love the life

alll ny life | Reviewer: alexis | 3/4/07

i love this song!!!!!!i hav it on itunes and it is tha best song eve! ma brother gets mad at me cuz i play this song ovr and over again!!!!!!

Anonymous | Reviewer: Angel | 2/14/07

i love this so it is so sweet... it reminds me of my boyfriend... i love you baby

My fav song | Reviewer: Staszia | 2/18/07

This is my most favorite song and everytime I hear it makes me cry. It is the most beautiful song that I have ever heard!!!

da best | Reviewer: anika | 5/29/06

this is my song all da way da best song out dere and none beta den diz y'all all noe datz so tru diz song is myne wid my boo luv u hun=)

nji1978 | Reviewer: Anonymous | 11/26/05

bestest song in the world, gonna have it as my first dance song with my wife 2 b at our wedding, brilliant

BabyGirl | Reviewer: Anonymous | 4/22/05

This song is the most beautiful song in the world. I can relate to this song sooo much , that it's practically impossible to explain it!!! I love it! It's my favorite song.

ALL MY LIFE | Reviewer: PRICAN | 4/19/05

this song means so much to me im gonna have it as my wedding song. it means so much to me that all the time i hear it it makes me cry.

All My Life | Reviewer: Anonymous | 2/26/05

this is the best song ever. it is so beautiful. ahh it is perfct for every moment in love.