Hurricane MIMI | Reviewer: Anonymous | 1/25/2008

Well all i can say is that JT is doing that damn thang even though he covered someone elses song he made it his own if anyone wanna know who originally did the song holla at me.

Awesome Song | Reviewer: Silky Slim | 12/17/2007

this song just going to lift me up everytime I listen to that song it bring tears to my eyes thinking on the time me and the girl went through and I going to love her until the end of time no matter what it take

i swear ive heard this before | Reviewer: jamila | 12/13/2007

the first time i heard the justin timberlake version of this song, i already knew all of the lyrics. my sister was like "you know this song?" and i told that i did, but justin timberlake definetly wasn't the first person whose sung it. does anyone know who the original is by?

It touched my heart | Reviewer: Tonya | 11/15/2007

about a month and a half ago my boyfriend that is locked up send me a drawing that said tonya and zackery till the end of time 2 days later i heard this song for the first time i cryed my eyes out ... its god sending me a message... but i send him the lyrics and he want to dance to it at our weddind... i love you zackery

Until the end of time | Reviewer: dorothy | 11/11/2007

Me and my froend named tamera and dorothy is loven your saong because without this song nobody will know what dudes will say about there girl and we are praying that you makes a nother song because this is so awsome that you are awsome and every song you makes we listen to so just hit your girl back up please thank you for this song.

This is hot, but I heard it before.... | Reviewer: William | 11/12/2007

I love this song as well, but i have heard this song back in the day and i just can't remember who sung it. Anyway this song will be a hit but if any of you can remember who sung the real song plz e-mail me and let me know.

until the end of time | Reviewer: Mrs. Wells | 10/24/2007

oh my god, i just love this song. i listen to it everyday when i dnt get to see my baby.... i love him so much, i want to be with him until the end of time!!!!!! dis song is what it do, 4 people who are in deep love like me!!!!

Love For Demarcus | Reviewer: nicole | 10/23/2007

when i heard dis song i thought about my boyfriend demarcus cause we're going 2 be together until da end of tyme and da song make our relationship more cause we want 2 be together until da end tyme and dats a very sweet song and i love it, dats my favorite song and i'll never ever 4get it!

i lovemr. anderson!!!!!! | Reviewer: Anonymous | 10/1/2007

this song remids me of demetrius because no mater what we go through and how many times we argue..... im going to have his lve til the end og time...

Best song of the year | Reviewer: rocky | 10/1/2007

The first time i heard i wanted to two step with my boyfriend and never let him go until the end of time. I see this song becoming a classic. JT rocks!!!!