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------Performed by Justin Timberlake | 07/19/2007 12:00:00 PM

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hi just wanted to say, i wrote nearly all the colourful lyrics of this song back in 2005-2006 chatting to a girl called online called keke. my computer was hacked for other reasons,, and i therefore state no claim to the rights. the syphony part came to me while i lay in bed imagining what i could say online to get a date with her. the other lines came from different days and even different girls i was chasing, i have always loved classical, and am prolific writing poetic romance and paradixic conspiracy. infact most of timberland and timberlakes latest Albums are based on events which i have written about in communication with spys and hackers, and i know it sounds totally unbelivable. but what i get in exchange is more than enough. i am ugly, infact i have one side of my face bigger than the other, timberlake makes his face look similar to mine using the broken disco ball to make a similar look. i was listening to the radio when i heard the "my love" lyrics and recognised it, im amazed and totally flattered to have been copied and performed in such a way by great stars! you are welcome. and did a throughly top job. the bones of 10 songs for free from a guy who is so secretive he really doesnt care, as long as we "keep it the same Niggers" you did a great job of the production and a load of work ontop to make it all hang together so well, thanks. admins feel free to delete this anytime, ironically i mostly listen to evil dutch hardcore music then and now. "kill yourself" is the closest to my heart, i was pushed near to the point of murder and still offered my old friend a way to save his own life, which he took. "still dont know who the fuck you are" reflecting the inner you. how do you see yourself? what influences who you feel you are? if your character is based on fashions and flaud doctrin then you might never know that answer, maybe none of use ever do, only some of us take more things into consideration, even "x friend" tryed to poison my wife! i made room to forgive ya. deep into the Philosophy, a deeper truth can always be realised "piss to take a shit on your beats for fun" is almost identical to a line from a classic hardcore tune of around 2005, i assume the record companies are diverse and infact pass ideas over from rap to trance and back. none one actually cares about some rapper saying how cool he is, some might assimilate the image based on greed, the people as a group want more than ego and negativity..
why look at the stage when there is a performance?? so we can create a singularity of assimilation!? use the dictonary! why not all look at each other and share in the beauty of individuality and diversity, ?? laws of science and nature drive economics, sales are about repetition not diversity, hence the record companies look to the underground, anywhere there is real individual creativity to lead the "herd" of CD buyers aka "image chasers" i have to say, if thats a crime, then im guilty also, to learn we must assimilate. so records can tell people who they are, they can even guide your dreams in subconious ways you have no idea of. MEGA corps, turned into role models, money telling you what they want you to hear, when you watch the TV and listen to the track THE PRODUCT IS YOU! :P so SO $0 TRUE.....
yep it's scary stuff, and if i were you i'd just accept concensus reality, because "this" song comment just didnt fit into my accepted, expected, belife system.. or maybe.. .. na

this information is free until removed by an admin for "outragous ranting", i understand, you dont do it because you want to, do it because you "have to" that my friend is comfort indeed.

this one's for you technoZziles

peace :)

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