Reviews for Lovestoned / I Think She Knows Interlude Lyrics

------Performed by Justin Timberlake | 07/04/2007 12:00:00 PM


When I first heard this song, I thought Ricky Martin had made a new song. I honestly didn't think Justin Timberlake was capable of this type of song. It sounds like a song from the 80's or something. Overall it is a good song, although his songs just need to be a little shorter, like "What goes around, comes around" that goes for quite a mouthful and he is really just repeating things. Back to the point of Lovestoned though, he is a solo artist so he doesn't really need instrumentals because as a solo artist, you just hire a band and all. Like Fall Out Boy, they concentrate on the band members as they are a band. As a solo artist there really is no need because your the main attraction. No offence or anything, but no one really cares about the band members he hired. This is an ok song but he has to learn to stop repeating things because they just drag out and it gets the listeners/viewers bored. Like on the radio, I hear this song and I automatically change the station so i don't have to waste 10 minutes of my time listening to him saying "Those flashing lights come from everywhere.The way they hit her I just stop and stare. She's got me love stoned. Man I swear she's bad and she knows. I think that she knows". Seriously I couldn't imagine anything worse.His best song from his 2006 album would have to be "My Love". Well thats it for now. I am starting to get a little bit bored of talking about Justin Timberlake because I know lots of people would get bored by him to. You have just been commented by Music Guru Justin. Seeya guys!

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