I love this song | Reviewer: Louise | 1/22/09

It is one of the very few lyrics I can really relate to.
Just fnding money to live has gotten harder since 2006 had to move away to another town to secure a better job which was like 3 hrs from my home and living in a small flat in the week.
These lyrics remind me of the struggle both the US and UK are going thru at this time 2008

about losing my way | Reviewer: Candace | 8/12/07

I Love the song losing my way ... it made me realize way i need to get back together!

Words of advice.loving the song.:) | Reviewer: Hurricane | 8/9/07

this song is my all time hands down favorite.
i can really relate to losing my way and just having nothing.
it makes me feel like, im nt alone.
theres someone else out there that needs help as well.
but lemme tell ya all..
ive cleaned up and got a life, a love, family, and a great family who are so proud of me for pulling myself out of that.
i was once told.
"ive tried every method for getting clean, but none of them worked.. then i realized that i couldnt quit cause i wanted to do it.
i wanted to quit but i also wanted to do it as well.
all you gotta do is want to quit and put all your heart and soul into it. and its that simple."
and now..
here i am.
clean as a whistle.
its only been 2 months.
but im prettydamn proud of myself.

find my way | Reviewer: tree | 6/17/07

I don't wanna losing my way,i must be strong and brave,i will try to find my way,keeo my life going.

Class! | Reviewer: Natalie | 4/6/07

I love *losing my ways* its just an emotional song towards me. I can relate to the song because I have lose my ways too. I have done some bad things. I think it a cry for help this song becuase if i wrote this i think that was justin is going toward.