Never a disappointment to me, always a treat for my ears heart and soul | Reviewer: Gillian Alcock | 8/4/13

It's been a long time in the making but I am never dissapointed having had to wait because everything comes to she who waits. Writing poetry myself I can understand where some words come from and at times just out of the blue, but to be able to put them to music as if that's where they had always meant to be astounds me, it's not as if the music is something like you have heard before, each song is unique and bewildering. I have written to Justin Hayward several times in the days when one could put pen to paper and send with a stamp attached to an envelope to the Moody Blues Fan Club, and lucky enough to have met him twice up close, once at a Fan Club Christmas Party and then 6 years later live on air on Radio 2 which was incredibly 20 years ago now and still very much etched in my memory. I call myself a true fan and his is very much my idol or ideal which ever way I say it!!