recovery | Reviewer: nina bieber | 11/16/13

its very a touching song.... cuz every relationship has it own problem. And this song is about the pain he had and needing a yeah... a very nice and meaningful song.....

Is Justin contradicting his own words with eachother? | Reviewer: Angel | 10/28/13

Justin says in twitter that this song is about moving on in life, but the lyrics say that he hopes for the recovery of the relationship he had with the mistery girl, so... recovery of himself after everything or the recovery of the relationship?

They are opposite... so??

Recovery + | Reviewer: Katie Maddux | 10/27/13

This song has all of Justin's true thoughts and feelings. He is talking about how life moves on, so he needs to too. This song is full of emotion and meaning, the lyrics are spot on and there are many people who canrelate to this struggle in a relationship. R&Bieber is here to stay!