WTF | Reviewer: boo | 12/6/10

I don't care if his goddamn voice is digital r not godamnit. and abut not being able to fake ure voice on youtube is shit. next thing he just sings (not sure if he does that too. no instruments. also look all this is fleeting and fickle nothing solid. it is always about the newest shit. no solid mad legends. this is not everlasting shit. if this song lasts 35 damn years i will die.

Cheyenne | Reviewer: Anonymous | 11/25/10

I think that some people should get the backround on Justin Bieber before they start talking bad about him did ya'll know the way he got famous was youtube? I mean you can't really digitalize voices on there unless you're a computer genius plus about his he hasn't really hit pubarty yet I'm 13 and I still sound like (and unfortunatlly look a little like) I'm about 8 so don't say stuff like that until you have your facts right

justin bieber rocks | Reviewer: Alana | 6/21/10

hi everyone JUSTIN BIEBER ROCKS!!!!!! i love his songs and me and my friend r going 2 make a video of the best song in the world listen 2 it on youtube. type this in ''sean kingston ft.justin bieber eenie meenie miney mo'it soooooooooooooooo good

oh my god. | Reviewer: anonymous | 3/29/10

what has happened to music. this is all made by a computer sound board, and his voice is all manipulated by tools to make it seem better. concerts..? he ain't even singing!! he's just moving his lips! ayhh.. go get yourself a real album and start growing a better taste in music, before its too late.