Just wondering | Reviewer: Kirby | 10/12/14

So tell me something, if you hate his music SO MUCH why are you on here? It's none of your business if other people like this song or any of the other songs this guy has written. And it's none of your business if they like the person either, when people comment crap like that it leads me to wonder if they're just the type of people who take their anger out on those who don't deserve it because that's what it sounds like. And while it's true Justin Bieber is not a very good person, that's my opinion and others may have a different one. And just because your opinion is yours, you don't need to put it here, and you don't need to take it out in the fans because that's just immature.

Songs for idiots | Reviewer: Anonymous | 7/24/14

His voice was useless, I don't know what girls see in him and he is lucky he got rich off this shit because only stupid, demented teenage girls like this.

What is music?? | Reviewer: Basanta Daniel Sapkota | 10/28/13

I'M sure if you are a justin bieber fan either U are a mental patient or a foolish teenage girl who hasn 't got chance to listen to other songs. I m nt sayin ya'll to listen to onedirection or lil wayne or other shit.They are all the same, meaningless lyrics, computerized music and foolish fans.If you really wanna listen to a song, then goto youtube and type "lost for words" and you will understand what music really is.Try other songs like jumpin jack flash,eleanor rigby,comfortably numb,riders on the storm,smoke on the water,turn the page,miss u,one,black dog, bohemian rapsody,laid to rest, bed of razors,back in black... I hope that works .!,,/

My Baby Justin | Reviewer: Justneesu | 10/15/13

Oh!my baby justine,its lyrics was awesome awesome a-we-some .
I don't thing i have to a big-big essay on it, bcoz I like you more-more
And with the lyrics.. ..... ......... ....... ........ ........ ................ ...... ..... .... .... . ....... ...... ..... ....... ....... ......... .
...... ........ .......... .
...... .....


it will never stop

justin bieber is totally FAKE! | Reviewer: jazzy | 8/1/13

why was justin born.he should be dead!i HATE his songs.in videos he lip sings.i know all stars lip sings in videos but justin beiber doesn't even know how to lip sing.he hates selena gomez but i LOVE selena gomez.all have to say is you STINK JUSTIN BEIBER!!:{

HATE HATE HATE | Reviewer: Connor | 6/11/13

I think this is the worst song I ever heard. I'd rather be hanged, drawn, and quartered then listen to this faggit. You girls that like him need to go to a mental hospital. There, I hope you are put to death...PAINFULLY!!!!!! :) Then I want Bieber dead by falling in acid. His corpes should be displayed outside a shop with the label, "I'm a shithead! :D" Any remaining girls should be shot with machine guns. Have a nice day fucking shitty dang ass nigga cunts!!!!!!!!!!! :)

BORING | Reviewer: Anonymous | 5/6/13

Okay, I can stand SOME pop music, but this is just pure repetitive boring Auto-Tuned shit. Go listen to some real music... like Mindless Self Indulgence. It's a combination of electronics that give you goose-bumps, awesome electric guitars that make your heart pound, a very attractive and friendly bassist named LynZ with a tattoo of flames who dresses like a school girl, a cute plump drummer who plays one fast-paced drum kit... and last of all, the lead singer Jimmy Urine who has a voice so awesome you will wish every boy sung like him. His voice ranges anywhere from low 'n' monstery to high falsettos. He can sing extremely fast, extremely slow and also rap. You could just listen to him for hours(and you will! Extremely addictive music) The best part? The live shows are crazily entertaining and the lead singer doesn't use Auto-Tune.

What do you think of your favourite band now??

I have a Question........ | Reviewer: AmericanIdiot | 12/11/11

What if Justin Bieber was ugly? Would you still listen to him? Most of you would answer "Yes", but I don't believe you. I doubt he would have become famous if every single girl didn't want to date him. Personally, I prefer emo guys, but whatever. JB's a sell out.

To "jb angelo" | Reviewer: cheyenne | 12/3/11

just shut up, actually I've met more people who HATE jb than those that love him, cause if you come down to the south it's way different down here it's actually an INSULT to be called a 'beleiber' and as I was saying before I just don't really care for him cause I don't know him the only thing that I really HATE are these d-mn fans who think they are in love with him when they don't truely know him same with the people that hate him, it annoys the f-ck out of me to hear them say they hate his guts when they don't really know him people who love him or hate him that only know about him cause of the news and that sh-t should just shut the f-ck up caues THEY DON'T REALLY KNOW HIM!
do y'all understand the point I'm trying to make, if you're a huge fan: you like his music and you think he's cute/hot, and if you're not a fan: you don't like his music and you don't really think he's cute/hot okay? you can't truely say that you hate or love a person without REALLY knowing them first.
get your d-mn facts f-cking straight
it doesn't take a rocket scientist to figure this sh-t out

for haters | Reviewer: jb angelo | 11/3/11

ddamn god u people r just shit dddammn stupid if u hatee him then dont fucking see his lyrics anyway haters r just jealous of him plus u dont evenn know his personality or reallife 'n begin jealous is stupid begin haters is fuckng damn a shit - justin is amazing plus bieliber r everywhere about the whole universe loves justin so uu haters must zip ur fucking mouth and dont say a shit about him or else u'll see whats gonna happen

wow | Reviewer: Cheyenne kirby | 7/31/11

like I've said before I'm not a fan I never bought a single cd, ticket, or anything else by the way if that really is justin or whoever you are your an idiot cause if you are justin then you saying that equals less fans and less fans equals less money which equals bye bye career and if your someone else than you're just a total a** for pretending to be someone else and making them look bad so whoever you are I don't give a sh*tloads crap what you think

I'm Really Justin Bieber | Reviewer: Justin Bieber | 7/12/11

OMG! All my fans are sticking up for me. THANKS SUCKERS! Thanks to all of you losers, i have money! I can buy and sell all of you! Remember when i was on Youtube? Singing like Poop! Well thanks! That douchey Usher has made me a gazillionaire! You should all be happy for giving me so much money, for a song i wrote on the dump. You want to see the original lyrics? Well here you go:
That was my original lyrics sheet! You guys must be monkeys. You buy every one of my albums. From BABY to LADY. Want the original lyrics to lady?
You get the picture. By the way, i'm cheating on Selena Gomez with Megan Fox. And i have a small.. YOU KNOW WHAT! I play da ladies (not really) Oh yeahhh!

don't hate him don't love him just tired of the bulls**t | Reviewer: Anonymous | 6/7/11

1)you don't know him get over yourself 2)his looks (excluding his haircut) were not his choice you wanna blame something blame genetics 3)his music is...ok but probably better than a lot of the people that don't like him 4)so WHAT if he's bi omygosh go call the frickin' press I'll bet he can still get more chicks than most guys (at least he has a heart (cause girls aren't just goin' for looks)unlike some guys) 5)IF YOU DON'T LIKE HIS MUSIC DON'T LISTEN TO IT DUH!!!!

worst, song, ever. | Reviewer: Jared | 5/15/11

though we come from the same province, i hate the biebs he is so f***ing lucky that hes a youtube star and you would be either stupid, drunk, or crazy to like this boys (im callin him boy cuz his voice aint changin) music or even like him in the slightest. He's a 16 year old brunette with a bad hair cut, buck teeth, a speech impetiment and hes bi, whats not to hate about him?

Why? | Reviewer: Anonymous | 3/23/11

If he really wants to be famous he would write songs that would change the current style of so-called music. That's how virtually all famous musicians got famous. Elvis, the Beatles, etc. Instead of doing something original and creative, he just went with the awful crap people like nowadays to get money. His songs are basically the same as all the other crud "musicians" churn out. Beatlemania Beats Bieber Fever!!!!!!