Justin Bieber | Reviewer: Michaela McMinn | 12/26/13

He was just a little boy when he got hisfirst drum set before he got them he started to beat on a little chair now he has grown up and has a big drum set and sings songs that girls like me love souch.

luv u ciren | Reviewer: ciren | 4/17/13

i luv dis song cuz it reminds me of the guy that i met on smallwords and well we became bff's on sw and he gave me his # and i gave him mine and well i sent him a pic of me and he sent me 1 too so he is really cute and well we've still been talking and i asked him if he met me that if he'll go out with me and he said yes and then we had a date and know he proposed to me so were getting married july 3 wich is on my b-day and were expecting a girl so ill soon be a mother yay and im only 19 and he is 20 so hopefuly we'll live happily ever after is my ex dn't stalk me so this is why i luv dis song