the hottest dude around!!!!!!!!!!! period. | Reviewer: zahya | 8/24/05

yo,yo,yo i love juelz santana sooooooo much. aint he a sexy dude? he got a sexy face, and some luscious lipz!!!!!!!! damn!!!!! who eva dont like my sexy daddy juelz can kiss me and juelz a$$!!! ok? cuz there r lotz of hataz on his d**k!!!! soo hop off!!! and all yall ugly a$$ hoez please hop off my man d$%k, cuz he dont luv ya hoez he love me!!!!!! so hate it, or love it me and juelz iz still #:1!!!! so imma holla! harlem world!!!!!! 1 dip,dip set!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! u already knoooooooo!

Juelz Santana, taking over the game... | Reviewer: Ablo Jimene | 7/17/05

Just in case you wack ni99as' iz been sleeping for the past year or two, you need to take notice of your boy Juelz Santana. The hottest lyricist and most vividest author to date out of the Dipset camp. He has secured a top spot in my rhyme catalog, with his arrogant flow, and "I don't give a f**k attitude." Also in my top slots, The Game, also because both these cats is B-doggs to the fullest, and Nas, is still my ni99a', and of course hope ya'll ain't slept on Shyne, pay homage, 'specially when my mans come home. It's a new day in the rap game, no doubt. But one up to The Kid Ablo. That boy with the Novelist flow. Coming at the industry, trying to collab with the rest of these illmatic a$$ ni99as', yoa meAN SON