whats cracking | Reviewer: demita | 5/7/07

whats up boo just want you to know
that i love your music.and lvs u

yup thatz my boi..... | Reviewer: phil zac AKA Da LeGaCy | 2/14/07

yep thatz my man right there...harlem stand up...yep ive ben feelin my nicca juelz for a minute and he's been a look up to for most of my life and yep look out for yu boi cause he's on his way also.....big up to juelz...itz yu man Da LeGaCy......get at me...........yup

nessa | Reviewer: vanessa | 2/14/07

juelz you are the best rapper alive i am you' number one fan. i love you so much

dipset 4 life | Reviewer: Dimond | 2/18/07

my baby is the best eva made u kno the shyt.
im ready when u ready baby juelz call me.

dimond fo dipset Aye.!!!!!!!! oh yeah and if ya didnt he baby daddy kno tha shyt HOLLA ByTcH....

Fuck dem haters | Reviewer: Na-Na | 2/9/07

Look my nigga u dnt have 2 worry bout Jay-z n dem haters just keep doin u
fuck dem lame azz bitchez u no da real ones r n new york
keep ur head up boo
make dat money dnt let it make u
~500~ blood

Mrs.James | Reviewer: tee | 9/21/06

Look boo you already that know you are the man theres no need for me to tell you that
all these hoes and lame azz dudes on your dick where im from these dudes dont like that up north music but I love to death everything about you believe that if you want a real bitch come down SOUTH

Dat Ni55a | Reviewer: Mil | 6/16/06

A!A!A! U already know what it is. santana is dat ni55a. I really wanna know who is messin wit dis ni55a can some1 tell me dat? No! dat ni55a swagger is tuff as hell dressin game is sick and ma favorite rapper who else but us and wit the tuffest ni55az like Cam, Jim Jones, JR writter, Hell Rell, 40 Kal and Jay bezel ya heard so saty up ni55az and do ya thing ya heard east side up
mil 4rm Newark

juelz Santana is back sexy and takin over da rap game | Reviewer: sharina b.k.a pebblez | 6/4/06

juelz is da hottest nigga u ever knew aint nobody up on his game he da hottest nigga out there so 4 all yall hatin azz niggas go 2 hell cause he gone keep on doin it big and 4 all da goofies dat dont know him get ya game up and get on that new album ya dig cause da kid is back and hot az ever. ya herd. A!

1 love keep me in mind 4 sho ya dig

The kid is back. | Reviewer: Anonymous | 2/2/06

My nigga Santana is in the building wit 22 of the hottest shits i eva heard.I love him so much. He's mad beautiful and them dimples is 2 die for. And for that bitch up top u get of the dick so we can get it sterilized from yo shit infested mouth. Cuz from here on out its mine bitch and i fonk on site for it. HOLLA!!

Dat the nigga! | Reviewer: yaboy | 1/11/06

This nigga went sick on this album! he caught the hood wit what the game been missing! dis nigga reach out to the little kid! bitches and nigga ! he destrying nigga! they slept on my boy but he savaging the rap right now