wrong, so wrong... | Reviewer: josh | 12/20/11

The problem with pages like this they get the lyrics wrong... your order is wrong. Listen to the song and proof read before you post. Another reason americans are stupid and lazy. Check your work. It takes 5 minutes. I'm just saying

The Trolley Song | Reviewer: Anonymous | 12/3/08

The scene in "Met Me in St. Louis" where she sang this song is so well-done -Garland looked so radiant in her modest black get-up amidst the flashier outfits of the other women on the trolley. When she sees the man she sings about, she is visibly overcome, and sings so beautifully this song on the rocking trolley. She dances about like a little girl who found a new toy; her very pretty eyes flashed as she described this mystery man to the other girls. At the end of the song, she realizes that the guy was right next to her, and the scene ends with Garland pointedly embarassed, reclining from her stupor into a chair, giving him a sheepish "'sup?" look. A classic song that has stayed fresh to this day.