Reviews for Last Rose of Summer Lyrics

Performed by Judas Priest

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Unusual Song for Judas Priest | Reviewer: Andrew | 9/3/10

This song is by no doubt very unusual for what Judas Priest is known for. The producer (Roger Glover) for that album from which this song came from even remarked on how surprised he was that the band came upon with this song while on the same album was 'Dissident Aggressor'.

Even 'Diamonds and Rust' is actually a Joan Baez cover....

If the band released just this one song under a different name it would have no doubt been a Soft Rock standard...

to a lady i got to love! | Reviewer: shawn | 4/1/10

I have sent this song to a lady in russia i got to know not to long ago she played it and the song brought me and the lady togather and now we are married and happy being as one! thanks to judas priest for this great song!

Memories | Reviewer: June | 12/30/07

I shared this song with a dear friend for yrs.when he crossed over,I spoke the words at his gravesite as I layed a single rose on his urn.I always loved this song and the depth it holds...

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