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Performed by Judas Priest

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my first priest album | Reviewer: LikeItMatters | 3/5/13

when i bought this vinyl in 78, nobody knew who priest was, but songs like 'exciter' changed that. this is one of their greatest, lyric wise. very pure, quite unlike their later commercial decadence. 'exciter' gives u an idea of why the band was called 'judas priest'. go read a book, OKAY?

Best Hard Rock Track ever | Reviewer: Anonymous | 10/12/10

This is the first track I ever heard of Judas Priest (back in 1978) - and it´s a milestone of Rock music. The speed and the precision they are playing is outstanding. The vocals are almost incredible. And even that rough-sounding Glen Tipton guitar solo is great. This song is a masterpiece - you never get tired listening to it.

The Metal Gods Rule! | Reviewer: Sinner | 11/20/07

Who ever this joker was that typed "They shouldn't quit their day jobs" obviously has no taste and has no knowledge of Heavy Metal or music for that matter. Exciter is an awesome song, So awesome that another great band decided to name their band "Exciter". Judas Priest will forever be considered Heavy Metal Kings and should be treated with respect. So take your sass and stupidity elsewhere before us true metalist become "United" and when we do "Some Heads Are Gonna Roll"

"9 to 5" gunit doesn't know what he's talking about | Reviewer: Priest Fan | 11/3/07

Exciter is one of the greatest rock tunes of all time! Blistering, headbanging music interspersed with a dramatic melodic section, great lyrics, and along with an outstanding vocal performance from Rob, this is a true classic! Also, unusual in its lyrical content in that it conveys a sense of salvation and optimism that we all could use these days.


They shouldn't quit their day jobs... | Reviewer: gunit | 9/16/07

This song sucks. Just saying that doesn't describe the level of suckage, but I just don't know how to put it any worse.

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