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Performed by Journey

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I am Rick Damocles, Hear Me Roar | Reviewer: Rick Damocles | 8/25/12

Since when do paintings have sounds inside them that makes you cry and smash an entire set of crystal wedding stemware piece by lovely piece while wandering the house in a woman's kimono robe?

Journey Fan | Reviewer: Anonymous | 11/4/11

Love this band, but please change it to its original title! "Don't Stop Believing" and it is "A singer in a smoky room" please change that. Its not the same if you don't know the lyrics, or the title. Think of it from an artist point of view. the rice pudding song could work i guess, in fact i like that. (editing itunes now)

just a small town girl | Reviewer: TIERNEY | 3/1/11

i rally like the song because when i am down in the dumps i sing this song and i am happy all day long and i can't get it out of my head when i do sind it and when my school does a talent show i will sing it to everyone at my school :)

very important song to me | Reviewer: Anonymous | 6/22/10

me and my girlfreind started going out to this song, and only resently i have realised how much i love her, she means the world to me, and whenever i here it i cant help but think of her, and the amazing times we have together, and all the amazing times we have to look forward to.

good song | Reviewer: Baylee | 10/11/09

This is a really good song. I'm 13 yrs. old, and when I go to school my friends sing this song all the time! we only sing the parts we know, because we don't know the whole thing. It is a really good song though.

famiy guy & dont stop believin | Reviewer: Dion | 9/15/09

yea like most of yall i heard da song on family guy nd its ben stuck in my head since, dis is probably 1 of the best songs of all time, nd its jus 1 of dem soings dat any nd err body can rock out 2.

name | Reviewer: kat | 8/22/09

i thought it was called "journey" because on fmily gy everyone said "I love journey!" I didn't know they meant the hole bnd. nyway it's irrelevant but it is about a journey on the train. it goes on and on and on...

good | Reviewer: Brandi | 5/24/09

Serisously. There are songs called untitled so obvoiously the name is not the most important part of the song. it's a good song. thats all people need to know. i really think journey wouldnt care as long as you like it

Nann | Reviewer: Anonymous | 3/25/09

i love all journey songs. :) i first heard thier song when i was 13,my family sent me at my cousin's house and my aunt always play journey everday and when i heard it, it was like OMG i just find myself singing along lol. but i didnt really know whats the title^_^. no peneda is thier new vocal lead :)

absoultly great | Reviewer: alysse | 1/25/09

im a huge only 11 and went to a concert and fell in love with the lead singers mom and sis love them mom is cool cause she goes to really late concert...she said she got in a mosh pit...that must have been crazy!

saultyygurll(L) | Reviewer: Anonymous | 1/10/09

i love this song. me and my bestie sing it at school (yea we are just that cool) anyway the lyrics look right. we just are too stupid to actully sing the right lyrics. we just sing the parts we know:):):):):D:D

Small Town Girl | Reviewer: towie | 12/10/08

While the real song title is "Dont Stop Believing'" I am pretty sure Steve Perry and the rest of the Band "Journey" would not give a hoot what the song is refferred to as, just as long as ou buy it, he Band formed in 1973 as an offshoot of Santana and has undergone many changes over the last 35 years, and are still playing today, with mostly a changed line up. Journey's greatest hits album is still one of the highest selling albums in the US.

Seeing it on family guy now | Reviewer: Shaye | 10/15/08

I think its a cool i. i first heard it on family guy then i forgot it but then it was on again. i dont really pay attention to names of songs wen i want to listen to it i just type in the first couple a lyrics but dont matter wat the name is it a great song.

Don't Stop Believing in Family Guy | Reviewer: Anonymous | 4/2/08

I loved when Peter and everyone sang this song at the Drunken Clam:) i want the version where they sing it on my myspace. Anyway, it's very cute. :P Oh, and for all you family guy fans. i think meg looked waay worse when she got her makeover, haha. she was better off before.
Peace & Love,

I don't care | Reviewer: LilB | 12/11/07

I like all trypes of music and yes the title does matter in some cases but in this song it don't really matter what the title is. the only thing that matters is that it's a good song.

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