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Performed by Journey

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ahem | Reviewer: Music Major | 10/13/09

I am a music major right now, and frankly, I'm gonna have to agree with all of these people that are against you, A Real Musician... Music isn't about complexity, but about how well it reaches people. This is one of the most well-known rock songs of all time. And frankly, I also like death metal (I'd like to see you play it) for the technical proficiency needed to play it on guitar, bass, or drums. JOURNEY RULES!

my feelings on this song... | Reviewer: shonil ivan banerjee | 9/24/09

I am a 65 year old music teacher/choir master and
am constantly on the look out for new and inspiring songs to teach my students. I just bumped into this song and immediately took a liking to it. It has a simple chord structure and immensely rocky and likable and great rhythm too. I can't wait for school to open to try it out with my kids!!Shonil Ivan Banerjee, Kolkata.

review the review | Reviewer: a real songwriter | 7/8/09

This is one of Journey's best songs. I'm not a big fan of Journey but I respect their ability to write a hit song and I like this one. That one reviewer (A "real" musician) thinks music is only good if it is complex or "creative" and has a lot of chords. I know a lot of chords AND how to use them. Some of the best songs ever written have only 3 chords (or less!). And you can always alter a chord progression to make it more complex (or less). The core song is a good, well written pop song. The lyrics are a little vaguely sentimental and inspirational for my taste but they are concise and make sense. I would say ...CRANK IT UP!

real music | Reviewer: Anonymous | 6/16/09

i gotta agree with the guy below me whoever wrote the post b4 it was an ass. good music doesnt have to b complex or creative. if it would sound like shit. music is about emotion and storytelling. it doesnt matter if the song has 5 or 5000 chords REAL MUSICIANS know that as long as it reaches people and inspires them to feel as the artist feels its a good song.

some random kid | Reviewer: jasmine | 6/15/09

hey i love this song whoever wrote that comment on the top is stupid and rude.journey is awesome, they are way better than anything that person on the top can make if your som so called reall Musion than where's you millon dollar record deal...bitch!

For real? | Reviewer: A real musician... | 6/7/09

5 different chords arrange in 3 different patterns with the most cliche theme in the entire world and yet people can't get enough of the song... This stuff is worse than death metal. What happened to jazz, classical, and even some prog rock? Musical creativity rolled in it's grave when this disaster of a song came out.

Your biggest fan | Reviewer: edwardhouston | 6/2/09

I'm a big fan of the 70's and 80's, and I have to say that you are by far the best group I have ever heared. "Open arms" was magnificant, "oh sherrie" was another show stopper. Those songs were so good that I personally didnt thing you guys could come out with another great hit. Once I heard "Dont stop believin" I couldnt stop repeating that song. I want to know what happened to Steve perry. All together to me were the greatest band in existence. "Your biggset fan">

(: woot | Reviewer: Madeline | 4/30/09

I'm a 14-year-old girl, I love a few of Journey's songs (wheel in the sky, anyway you want it etc.) This is by far the best song of theirs that I've heard. I sit up late at night and turn it up on my Ipod... stare out my window.. And wish I were as tallented with a guitar.

When I die | Reviewer: Ham | 3/22/09

Yo, it's Ham. THIS SONG MAKES ME WANT TO CRY! AND I AM A THIRTEEN YEAR OLD BOY! It's weird. If there were ever a movie made about me, which, there is one in the making, i would want it to play at the end. ROCK ON JOURNEY!

you people | Reviewer: Chris | 3/4/09

i laugh at you people who think of this song and relate to them selfs ...its about two random people who dont know eachother and come from compelete opposite areas and have sex on a train ... thats funny to see 13 and 14 year olds who dont have a clue about there 80's music and just thinks something eles and relates it to themselfs this is seriously funny!!!

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