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Performed by Joshua Kadison

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Beautiful In My Eyes | Reviewer: Vanessa | 11/11/08

I started liking this song just 3wks ago when my cousin sang this song..he has such a great voice that i sometimes wish he is someone else lol..

and he said he is dedicating this song to me..sighs..

Love it! | Reviewer: Beautiful | 10/14/08

since this was a dedication made 2 me by my boyfriend it can never mean any less then wat he means to me .. i love him so much it only makes me cry hearing know that he loves me this much to think i am as beautiful in his eyes as he is in mine!! i love u baby!

were getting married! | Reviewer: kesha | 9/28/08

..when i 1st heard this song, i really love 8 and i want to hear 8 every now and then, 8s really nice and also the lyrics. .juz want to dedicate 2 my fiance seigfred der in saudi no matter wat happens he's gonna the beautiful in my eyes, no words can ever express how much he means in my life. .were getting married and i hope this song cud stand as a lifetime friendship of both of us..take care..really great!

beutiful song | Reviewer: LeizelL07 | 9/6/08

i've heard dis song since i was a child...
i've juz internalized it wen i was silently riding in a taxi for sm cebu..
there were flashbacks..
ive realized how nice d song is..
it almost made me cry nd i wanted to get out in the taxi cab to search for this title nd search for the lyrics..
i forgotten clearly the music..
all i can remember was, "ur my mona lisa"hehe
ive found it..

weeding song:) | Reviewer: Anonymous | 8/31/08

i first heard this song in my office mate's weeding..
so touching and it made me cry.. cause the song means a lot..caring each other for a lifetime..
Best Wishes Erwin and melanie! august 30 2008..

by Aubrey

Searching | Reviewer: jon D | 8/27/08

well when i first heard the song, i'm speechless know why, cause it makes me shiver cause the lyrics are so meaningful and i can relate to the song, it hits me like a lightning whenever i hear it, it lets me reminisce my past,,,,and now i'm looking for a soulmate hehehe

it fits! | Reviewer: relyn | 8/9/08

the song really captured my attention when i first heard it. i was in duty that time that i really came to ask our utility who's also song know the title of the song...LOL and a day after he told me "beautiful in my eyes" so then, i browsed in the internet for the video and the lyrics....

got it now....whew!!

i love this song...

Beauty.. | Reviewer: Mharjie | 7/30/08

Well,when I first heard the song I was struck and paused,uttering "What a beautiful song"...I also wanted this song to be sung on my wedding day..hehehee!!And I wanted this song to be sung by my future hubby..hehehehe!!!When there are lines upon my face from a lifetime of smiles,
and when the time comes to embrace for one long last while,
we can laugh about how time really flies.
We won't say goodbye 'cause true love never dies.
You'll always be beautiful in my eyes... :)

awww... | Reviewer: milady | 7/18/08

I fall in love with this song over and over again whenever I hear it. It's really so sweet. I especially like this line: And the passing years will show that you will always grow ever more beautiful in my eyes. It's perfect for weddings. ^^ I'll have this song on my 25th wedding anniversary. hahaha. ^^ love you milord..

NOT JUST FOR LOVERS | Reviewer: Anonymous | 7/8/08

i dedicate this song to my baby daughter Casey Alexis Bermudez Avila who has always been a little face of beauty which is my source of strength and inspiration...i know baby that you'll never say goodbye. love you my treasure..._mommy ponic_

CAROLINE DY | Reviewer: hydrogen012 | 3/25/08

this song it really fit my feeling to a certain my life i've never expected a fine and unique person would find a dumbass like me she is the light that make my darkness dissappear i really like her because she's so different. She's the person who acknowledge me better..i really like the portraite of her in my eyes id go crazy a thousand times when i think of her...on damn she's always and forever well be beautiful in my eyes...

awww... | Reviewer: datgirl | 12/16/07

how nice to see that someday ur one and only will sing this for you... then propose... and he will say the music to urs ears> i love you every day, will you marry me? awww...

i love my honie for the rest of our lives........... | Reviewer: mr.lhee | 12/12/07

by this song it will always take care of my wife and i will love her for the rest of our lives....coz she will always be BEAUTIFUL IN MY EYES!!! lhee

hopelessly in love..... | Reviewer: Anonymous | 10/16/07

the very best example of music....only music can let us sing...only music can make our feet dance...only music can only let our mind reminscing back to our past...but, what's important about it music can be the voice of what we feel inside when we are mute by the words of mouth.......See??? perfect song for a someone special when you cannot utter a word to tell how you feel.....

True Love | Reviewer: cupc@ke | 10/10/07

This is truly a song especially if your deeply in love and i could really realte to this song as a teen in love i love this song

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