I would love to meet you in person one day! | Reviewer: Elizabeth Rogers | 6/17/08

I would love to meet you in person one day, because you are the best singer I had ever herd since I have herd country music. I would love to talk to you either by e-mail or by phone. I am 14 years old and I have CP on my right side and I am blind. If you like to call me one day my cell phone number is 540-598-8466. I look forward to either talking to you or seeing you. You are so cool!

Thank You,

Elizabeth Rogers

request | Reviewer: Kristina Brooks | 5/12/08

I know this is a space for reviews everything Josh sings is awesome. I work at a school for special needs In Winchester Va and a few of the kids here Love Josh and have found out he will be performing at the locial warren county fair grounds and would like to go. These kids are state funded and not able to purchase tickets. Would it be possable to comp 4 tickets to these kids for the consert in July at warren county fairgrounds. You would be making dreams come true for these kids. Thank you for all you do.
Grafton Schools c/o Kristina Brooks
1532 Fairfax pike
Steven City, Va 22635

You Are My Favorite Singer! | Reviewer: Elizabeth Rogers | 4/23/08

I just LOVE your music! You are the person I look up to when I am in chorus. When I have tests during school,and when I get stuck on a question I just think of you and when I get it back I usally do a good job. To let you know I'm 14 and I have CP on my right side. I just LOVE your deep voice!

I love You!!!! | Reviewer: Haley | 3/24/08

Hey Josh,
I love your music, it's pretty much all i listen to. I have all three of your albums!!!! I hope there a lot more! I am going to your concert on Wednesday...i am so excited!!!!!!! good luck with everything.

Love Haley


Your Man and Firecracker, along with the Long Black Train | Reviewer: Syndi Bohnert | 3/9/08

We as a family of three are very crazy about your music. We enjoy the calm country melody in which you keep most of your tunes and the fact that you can understand every word. Soul Mate is a favorite for me and mine it really hits home. Don't change your music we love you and want you to stay as you are. The Bohnert and Propst clan.

outstanding voice for one so young | Reviewer: Marion Samaha | 3/6/08

I was in awe of your voice when I first viewed your video on CMT of the Long Black Train. I couldn't bring myself away from the voice that was comming out of you. I had the pleasure of going to one of your concerts here in Connecticut back in Feb. 08 I adore you. My whole familly likes your voice. We keep watching you video on Cmt.com.
God has truly blessed you and. In Christian love.

I LOVE YOUR MUSIC!!!!!!!!!!!!!! | Reviewer: Kiralee Knotts | 2/9/08

Hey Josh,

Only about a year ago was I introduced to your song, "Would You Go with Me" by my brother while driving me home from Sunday School. And now, I practically idolize you. I have 3 of your albums, hoping that there's more. All my friends think I'm crazy for loving country music, but I let them listen to one of your songs, and they're consumed by your sexy voice. Your awesome.
Love, Kiralee

A *_B_L_E_S_S_I_N_G_ Sent from *_H_E_A_V_E_N_* for ALL to ENJOY | Reviewer: KAY | 2/10/08

Josh~ *_T_H_A_N_K_*_Y_O_U_*_S_O_*_M_U_C_H_*
It's my pleasure to let you know ...You have no idea how many people you have affected with your voice right out of Heaven....May the LORD always BLESS you and your family. Please tell me when you might be in OKLAHOMA {Ardmore}I have a friend who is a widow and she listens {Be Your Man} to you and it brings memorys about her husband..You put her mind @ peace with this loss and I can't even begin to tell you how many FANS are here,maybe the whole TOWN !!Your voice is so relaxing,loving & true from the heart {Me & God}.We would give anything to see you perform in person...**Your **TRULY a BLESSING** from the LORD and we need to hear this 24 hours a day..We can never get enough of your music.There's no doubt you have found your TRUE CALLING ! ! ! You sound like a angel. Please keep us updated !Your friends in Ardmore,Oklahoma ** Kay & Barbara **

Songs I wrote | Reviewer: Ken Sanders | 1/28/08

Man, I love your music and would like to send you four songs to listen to. If you would, it certainly would be an honor. I live in Jonesville S. C. at 451 Bobby Faucett Road, 29353. I teach Sunday School at Foster's Chapel church, in the choir, and start the service on Sunday morning.
I just read your biography and feel like I know you.
I just found out you have recorded a new album and I am looking forward to hearing it.
Have a great day, In Christ,
Ken Sanders

WHAT A VOICE!!!! | Reviewer: shelley | 1/13/08

Josh, I have listened to Country music my entire life and that's a long time. The old school stuff, Cash, Twitty,Jones etc. They all had something to say and most of it was about cheatin' but you sing uplifting songs,songs that make you think positively. The first time I heard "Long Black Train" I knew it was about the devil and God fighting fo our souls. You are so unbeliebably talented, please entertain us for a long time yet. Your songs literally choke me up and bring tears to my eyes because I know I'm not as close to God as i need to be. Thanks for pointing that out to me. You're awesome. Love you for that, Shelley from Lncoln, Ne

Hey Josh | Reviewer: Vannah | 12/29/07

Hey Josh,

It's Vannah. Just wanted to say that I absolutely love your songs "Long Black Train" and "Would You Go With Me." And Josh you're awesome! You have a wonderful voice. I read this page and it touched me with what all you had to say.


Your da greatest | Reviewer: Charmaine | 12/13/07

Hey there Josh,
I think your awesome. I love your musci and most of all your voice. Jk. I just want to say hi and to tell you "Your the best."

Union SC, | Reviewer: Dionne | 12/13/07

i hear about you alots. you have a nice Vnice. my uncle From New York State like you alots too. i read your JASH TURNER .COM I knew it's was you. i have a Question are you married?? i know you do bit i wasn't sure what your child name. we like to know. email me. i hope to meet you soon in person soon. i live in Union SC too.

GO JOSH!!!!!!!!!!! | Reviewer: KAREN | 12/8/07

Josh, I know the Holy Spirit was with your voice when you sang at the Grand Ole Opry. Long Black Train was your 1st song I heard and then Me & God and I can feel that Spirit coming thru. God speaks to me thru music a lot.
God Bless you Josh, keep up the great work.

josh | Reviewer: misty | 9/26/07

josh. first off i love the song me and god it has so much meaning in my life after i lost both of my grandpals and one my grandmal,(in one summer) i didn't think anybody cared then i heard me and god and i realized god is always there, no matter how bad things get, he is alway's going to be there, and he will alway's love us. thank you so very much josh for writing me and god.