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Performed by Joni Mitchell

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great | Reviewer: dahlia | 11/10/12

Every year when i go to camp we sing this song and my camp planner said she cries every time she hears that song. My sister and her camp friends made an awful parody to the song it goes like this "And the seasons turn black and red and the painted ponies are shot and dead your captured in the enemie camp in jail, you can only look from behind your cellar bars and go round and round thinkin' 'bout your family."

Carousel of time | Reviewer: Alan Moorhouse | 10/3/07

This is one of Joni Mitchell's early masterpieces. The first three verses are masterful tableaux of frozen time frames - each with clear metaphors for the age they describe. This, married to the chorus, which describes the relentless, inescapable "carousel of time" is given one of her most memorable (and simple) melodies. This song may still be playing on that carousel long after the first generations of children have forgotten the painted ponies.

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