I love u nick | Reviewer: Rosmil | 1/15/08

Hi Nick my name is Rosmil Castillo and I'm so in love with u.I wish that u were here to tell u how I feel.Also I heard about ur sickness and I started crying.I hope I really get to meet u.I hope u dont find it weird but I really like{love}u.

Love:Rosmil Castillo(muazzz)

omg!!!! | Reviewer: OMG!! | 1/13/08

OMG NICK AND JOE YOU ARE THE HOTTEST PEOPLE ALIVE (kevin not to much...no offence you just dont have the kinda look they have your still cute tho) any who i dont think nick would be good for miley even though she is really beautiful i think he would be better off with someone who isn't famous.


lov nick | Reviewer: Makayla Witt | 1/14/08

nick you are sooooooooooo hot!can i have your number? and can you e_mail me at aol.com and joe you are cuite oh and kien you are cuite and i have your poster and i saw you i the hannah montant consert

OMG!!!!!!! | Reviewer: nuvia | 1/9/08

Hey my name is nuvia and i just wanted to say that i love your songs and think u guysare sooooo hot. and that i really want to meet u oh and i wont forget to tell u that im really really ubsesed with u guys. and i love u soo much.oh and did imention i really want to meet you and think u r sooo hot? ok luv u bye.love u, bye.

u r hott | Reviewer: nicole | 1/7/08

i absulutly am in love with u nick jonas i am 14 only a year apart i am also funny and nice we would make the most perfect couple ever
lov ya

love u boys | Reviewer: Angela | 1/6/08

the JONAS BROTHERS r the BEST band created on this planet love u guys lotz,btw y dont u type some new stuff abt there album wd hollywood records neways thnx 4 gettin that love u boys...
jb lover (especially joe)

Hey ya'll r HOT!!!!! | Reviewer: Macie | 1/6/08

Nick I heard about ur sickness and I really cried b-cause im like soooooooooooooooooooooooooo
in love with u and hope u get better!!!!!!!my bff is like so in love wit you to and right now she's laying on the couch with a big pic of only u on it so u could say she's kinda wierd but u gotta say ...well never mind about that!!(okwerd)!!!But i LUV U AND JOE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!Well Kevin not so much!!!!no offense!!!(kevin) but anyway i luv u and ur music I REALLYLUV YA'LL!!! I REALLY WANT YALL'S NUMBER!!!!!!!!!!!!!

heyyy!!!<333 | Reviewer: Lindsey | 1/5/08

hey ong THE JONAS BROTHERS!!!! I love you guys so much you guys are unbelieveable! and Nick when you and Miley ever break up not saying to break it up def. give me a call.haha
ilu guys xox Lindsey

What's Up Jonas | Reviewer: Anonymous | 12/30/07

Hey Jonas Brothers I think your music is really great. I love your songs especially Hold On I got a message out of that. You know the lyrics...
I really wish I could meet you guys in person or at least read this message.
May God Bless You and Continue to do an outstanding job on your music!!!! :)

hot | Reviewer: Rose | 12/30/07

u guys r the hottest,sweetest,most romantic peopl in the world. I love ur muic sooooooo much, you are all so hot. I don hav a fav because ur all so awesome!!!!I luv ya!!