i love your music! | Reviewer: Tori | 9/1/07

Yah this isnt another one of those reviews were they say oh your so hot and fine and so on although you all are. But I love your songs Hold On and SOS! My birthday is coming up soon and I hope you have a concert soon.

With a smile,tori xoxo.

Y0u aRe the hottiSt bAnd evEr !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! | Reviewer: Angela | 8/31/07

omg the jonas brothers i love you guys so0o so0 much i cant even type it... y0u have to have like the hottist family ever to have all of y0u so0 fine ...... nick jonas is so0o hott he is my age omg lmbao.....nick is the hottist then J0e and then kevin ... y0u habe to come to like staten island or n.y or something i want to come to your concert so0 bad it hurts ....

i l0ve y0u JONAS BROTHERSS MWaaaaaaaa x0

Nick Jonas is sooooooooooo hot | Reviewer: Dominique | 8/31/07

I love nick jonas becouse he is the hottest boy arond i mean look at him . Love his cerlley Hair . Deame , Sweethaert , Kisses .

Nick | Reviewer: helen and elizabeth | 8/31/07

Nick you are ohhhhbviously the cutest jonas. i loooooove to listen to your music. my friend elizabeth and i (helen) both would loooooooove to meet you. you are waaaaaaayy better then zac efron. (i suspect he's gay) i heard rumors that you like miley cyrus and i want to know the truth. please let me down easy. i love you! <3

mine only! | Reviewer: courtney hudson | 8/31/07

i know all u girls love nick but he's mine he shook my hand and that means something to me! lol im just playing but i do love the jonas brothers just as much as the next girl!

love you all so much | Reviewer: Megan | 8/31/07

i think that u all rock and that im so so sorry to say this to joe but nick is hotter then you and kevin you all most there...but cant wait to see you all in my home state of washington...i say home state because your not going to my home town and i cant blame u becaue my little town of Toledo Washington its not really any place to go.. but hope to see you soon...o ya u should put more things on u tube because i cant git on myspace...but love all....
Love Megan Herbert From my little town of Toledo Washington...Love all aleays and forever

Their music makes me feel good. | Reviewer: Lindsey | 8/29/07

I dont own the CD or anything, but i realy like their music. I can kinda get away from the world for a while when listening to their songs whenever they are on the radio or stuff. Their music really mkaes me feel like verything is gonna be ok. And that is so great that their music can do that... It's rare to find that kinda feeling in songs these days!

Mrs. Kevin Jonas | Reviewer: erin | 8/30/07

OMG I love ur guys' music soooooo much. And Kevin, i think ur the hottest jonas brother, then joe and nick. i hope to meet u some day. i love u guys soooooooo much. i can't wait 2 see u in concert!!!!!!!! P.S.- you are gorgeous, Kevin

Mrs. Kevin Jonas | Reviewer: Anonymous | 8/30/07

Kevin, you r the hottest jonas brother. But i still think joe and nick are very cute. i hope 2 see u in concert sometime. I LOVE ur music sooooooooo much
P.S.- Kevin, u are VERY sexy!!!!
I love all of u!!!!!!!!!

Love You alL | Reviewer: fan | 8/29/07

Hey Kevin, Joe, and Nick.
You three are all amazing! Each of your contributions to the band keeps me listening. You
are excellent musicians and probably wonderful people << which I wouldn't know because I have never met you. I would love to meet Kevin because of his "SICK-NASTY" guitar skills; Joe because of his vocals and hilarious personality; Nick because of his gifted, angel-like voice and of course he is gorgeous... every time I look at a picture of him, I practically turn into a melted, love-struck blob(and I am only a year younger than you)! I would love to meet you... you inspire me to pursue my dreams<3