awwwwwww! | Reviewer: Jessica Shamam | 3/3/08

Hay! remember me? :) i just want to say things that are random today. ;) i'm not jessica s. when she discribes herself we sorta look alike. it's kinda weard but awsome!:D when i made a coment about inseperible i said something about darkness. if you want to know why then i will be at Valliey View Middle School in Simi Valley Ca. it is so cool that i'm safe when my full name is on there because the computer never reads it! ;D

U R SOOOOOOOOO HOT JOE | Reviewer: Anonymous | 2/24/08

JOE ur sooo hot even that ur4yrs. older than me I still luva doesnt matter though cuz its not like we r goin 2 c each other cuz u liv all the way in JN & i liv all the way in TN but i want 2 express my feelings 2 u. ever since iseen cn u & heard u i fell in luv plus u r soo funny ur laugh is sooo dreamy. I know u probably think im all the way OVER my head but it is LUV like what Hannah Montanna said "It's Love thats bigger than us" so lu over powered me I wish i could c u live with 5 minutes with you u would probably have to call the paremedics

PERFORM IN PA!!! | Reviewer: Cate | 2/22/08

This is a message to the Jonas brothers. Just fYI, it is absolutly imparitive that you perform in pittsburgh PA! we are talking that my life is depending upon it. (well, my life of happiness at least, okay i'm being too dramatic) But, disregard that. All of you are amazing, and if you performed in my city, i might get the off chance of actually meeting you which would just rock my world, like you guys do. i LOVE YOU ALL!!!
P.S it is really late, so if while you are reading this, you guys are like, "This is utter nonesence, what sence does this review make(oh, and disregard my awefull spelling) just realize that i am tired, came across this website, and couldn't resist to not respond. Okay, that sums it up i guess.
Always yours,

OMG | Reviewer: Ellie | 2/23/08

i just wanted to say that i love you nick jonas, and when you sing it is like you have resussitated by soul, once lost in a deep void of nothingness but now regained into a place where soliloquies are shunned, all that is spoken is loves sweet duet. When you sing it is like the wings of all heavens angels beating softly against my soul. Words serve only as an understatement, cruely mocking the true diety that you are nick jonas. Marry Me!!!!!!
P.S. your hair is awsome, as are you

nick is Hott | Reviewer: nikki D. | 2/20/08

i love nick!!!!!!!!!!!!!! is it true you got discoverd at a barber shop joe is cute!kevin is sensitive and sweet i love you all. p.s. i have your poster when ever i walk passed it i kiss nick. will you marrie me... love,nikki

I THINK NICK IS VERYYYYYY HOTTTTTT. | Reviewer: nikki | 2/20/08

I toooooodaly love you nick! my name is nikki I wish I could go to your consert. if i meet you i will faint i am 8 friend says joe is, nikki p.s. im a girl.

Jonas Bros Are AWESOME!! | Reviewer: MaKenzie | 2/16/08

You guys are so awesome!!!But i have never beento a concert so i dont know what they are like because you have only been to North Carolina a few times and last time the cincert tickets sold out in like 10 minutes and i was 3 people away from getting the ticket and as soon as i get up there they say sorry the tickets are sold out so i was os disappointed anyways you guys are awesome hopefully ill get to see you soon!!!!Happy late VALENTINES DAY!!!

YO JO BROS | Reviewer: Brooke | 2/4/08

Hey Nick Joe And Kevin I loved it when yall When on tour with Hannah Montana.Was so AWSOME.I begged my parents to buy me Tickets.They Gave too me for an early birthday present.I am Nick's NUMBER 1 fan.And Joe and Kevin.Luv Yall!!!!!!!!

wow nick!!!!!!! | Reviewer: jessica s. | 2/4/08

nick your birthday s 2 days after mine but your a year odler. my b-day is 09-14-93 urs is 09-16-92 as i've seen and heard. u guys r all me and my friends talk about i dislike people that are sending u hate mail. i've wanted to date u nick 4ever! ur song just friends is so my song b/c when i like a guy it's usually my guy friend like there was thids guy that was 3 yrs. oldeerr than me and i knew him rather well and it brioke my heart when he said no so when i hear that song i started to cry b/c it reminded me of him! im over him so does any one of u have a girlfriend. WOULD U LIKE TO GO OUT ?!?!?!??????
my name is jessica and ihave brown hair and hazel eyes (mostly green) im about 5'4'' and alitle chunky but am really fun to hang out w/ that's waht my bff said (brittany)we've known each other our whole intire life.
nick when i found out that u had diabetesd and that u were sayin that u guys wanted kids to look up to u and didn't want to do any stupid astuff. i was like wooooooooooooooooooooowwwww! that's really cool cuz im so sick of celebs getting makeovers no offense miley u look really nice! i want someone that i can look up to and son't have 2 get disappointed by
love always
jessica s.
p.s my cuz went to ur cioncert in albany ny and i was sooooo jealous.

Speechless, Breathless, Exhilarating, and Tears | Reviewer: Shelbey K | 2/2/08

There were four things that happened to me at your Las Vegas concert today, boys. Your stage presence left me breathless. You work the audience so well, your stunts just make us scream! Coming out of the stage, Kevin sliding down the ramp!, jumping on the piano, everything. You have such a 'look at me!' way of performing. Second, breathless. The costumes were fabulous, and you all looked so handsome! I love how you changed outfits often, Kev, looking great! Exhilarating, for so many things. Joe, playing the drumset with the drummer was epic! The flips and spins and cartwheels! Way to get the crowd pumped up with clapping and jumping and screaming! I am so hoarse now! Finally, tears. When You Look Me In The Eyes and Hello Beautiful and Take a Breath all had me weeping silently. Your voices are so beautiful, so COMMANDING, that it is hard not to. Take A Breath is so inspiring to me, so sweet and hopeful. Guys, it was worth every penny, honestly. Love you Kevin, and the others. Keep rocking.