you guys are awesome!! | Reviewer: Kia | 8/27/07

NICK IS SOO HOT! i can't believe he's only 14...he's my age!you guys should come to like fargo or grand forks or something...cuz no one comes here! you guys rock and nick is very cute! that would be awesome if i got to meet you someday!!


N-I-C-K IS SO H-O-T !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! | Reviewer: lorissa lopez | 8/26/07

O-M-G! I LUV U SO MUTCH!!!! Nick ur'e the hottest Jonasbrother ever!!!!!! then its joe ,then its kevin. I absolutely luv ur'e curly hair!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! p.s-my # is 1-800-puro NICK JONAS!!!!

just like me and my sistas | Reviewer: !th@t_Ch!c@# | 8/25/07

Omg- you guys always sing very good. i mean my family is just like urs. ok um i have 2 sisters and you guys are bros.. tight right. well and im the youngest so they say im the best singer. u no between my sisters. gosh. well it would b kool cuz its weird. my oldest sister is like 18 and kevin is 19. and u no. ooh lala. and my middle sister is 16. and u no about joe. shes totally obsessed. not really but u no alittle crush. and well of course i can never have nick. im inlove with ur voice nick. i always sing along with you. and me and my sisters always wanted to be famious. we have finacial problems so we really need the money. one day hopefully me and my sisters dream will come true. c ya and god bless you all. have a safe life

I LOVE YOU!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! | Reviewer: sarah | 8/25/07

if i had to pick out of a million bands i would pick you guys!If you could meet you guys in person my life would perfect

sEe yALl INn dALLas | Reviewer: cRIsSy | 8/23/07

Hey Jonas Brothers, i totally love your music,that yall write its very unique from yalls heart...yall got every thing everyone wants,fame,money,crazyattitude,&&&yall jo bros.i wish i could meet yall and sign my vans.maybe in the year 3oo0 i could be w/ nickalos lol i wish but i still love my brotha in laws joe n kev. love mrs.nick jonas. jonases rock!

i luv you guys!!! | Reviewer: Morgan | 8/23/07

heyy, you guys are awesome!!!! Nick you are sooo HOTTTTT!!!!!!!!! I LOVE YOU ALLLL!!!!!!!! YOU ARE AMAZING! No but seriously i love all your songs and i think it is so cool that you write your songs based on your life! Nick your such a good singer! Kevin your an awesome guitar player and Joe You are also an amazing guitar player<333333333333333333333

nicklover | Reviewer: chick | 8/22/07

You guys are so lucky. I wish that was me. To nick-u are soooooooo HOTT!!!!!!!!
I wish we could meet it would be great. You u totally like me. I think the song you wrote nick sos is the bomb. You are so kewl. You live by miley cyrus thats saweet.You guys are the best. love ya @lways! xoxox

just talk | Reviewer: anonymus | 8/21/07

you guys are so lucky and guys get up in front of like millions of people and sing. i am a really good singer. well at least think i am a good singer,but i am way to shy to sing in front of people. nick jonas you have an amazing voice, when you sing i melt.
thanks for listening! love,anonymus

i luv them.. | Reviewer: brynn | 8/21/07

wow the jonas brothers are really good! i luv there music! they rock! & theys kinda hottt! wow i would really wanna meet them cuz they are really good & there music is ahmazing! idk how they come up with these things! anyway g2g bubi

xox brynn xox

wow u guys ROCK! | Reviewer: asiaxoxo | 8/20/07

hey jonas bros u guys r my idols lol!! nd im hearin ur song S.O.S rite now itz ROKINN!! lol =) buh u guys inspire me soo much!! i wanna meet u sooo BADLY!! nick ur a FANTASTIC singer nd kevin ur a GREAT guitar player nd joe ur a AWSOME person nd u guys r jus soo down to earth even though u guys r famouse!! lmaoo!! nd its suuuuuuper awsome that u guys write songs frm ur personal life!! =) nd this is frm the bottom of my heart !!!!! !U GUYS R SOOOOOO HOT! nd !I L.O.V.E U! lol buh really u nd ur music inspiers me!! well ~much love asia~