i love you joooooooe | Reviewer: morgan | 12/9/07

OMG i love all the brothers..but i really love joe...one day we are going to get married (I won a contest and that was the prize)

I Love Them | Reviewer: Jasmin | 12/10/07

The Jonas Brothers are so my faviorte band ever. They are so hott.but nick jonas is the hottest of them all.my faviorte song is years 3000 and when you look me in the eyes. i hear thier c.d every sing time i get in the car or when i get home. i also her them on my ipod i love the jonas brothers for life.

I am totally ur #1 Fan | Reviewer: haley | 12/9/07

OMG!!! I love the Jonas Brothers. I can not wait to see you guys up there with Miley in Pittsburgh in January!!! I am soo totally excited!! I love u Nick!!! <3 U Allways!!
Pittsburgh Pa

Joe Jonas is a cutie! | Reviewer: Brittany | 12/8/07

Joe's mom hasn't broken the news to him yet. That we have an arranged marriage.

Joe is my favorite, he so handsome, funny, and not afraid to be different!
Haha I'm 16, and I always get excited when I hear S.O.S. on the radio
But my favorite song ever is either "Thats Just The Way We Roll," or "Goodnight and Goodbye"
I really wish I got tickets to go to their concert, but they sold out in 4 minutes because of Miley!
I don't like her too much
I'm just waiting for them to have their own concert, and I'm getting VIP baby!

<3 | Reviewer: Paige | 12/4/07

OMG. I love Joe the most, but they deff. all rock!!! I won a contest and I get to meet them all in two days at a special acustic preformance<3. I really can't wait, and I LOVE YOU GUYS<3


Write this down | Reviewer: Stacy Harrell | 11/30/07

Kevin, you ROCK harder than AC/DC. I love to listen to your music. Maybe we can get together and I could help you guys write a new song! Seeya Dude`s!
Stacy " Skye" Harrell

Wow | Reviewer: a big fan | 11/22/07

The Jonas Brothers Rock I love their music they're amazing
Each make an important part of the band
Nick sings amazingly and plays the guitar just the same
Joe is hilarious and sings outstanding
and Kevin I think can play the guitar very well
so keep rocking

hoties | Reviewer: Reagan Bell | 11/24/07

you guys are sooo hott.I love u the most Joe.I love yalls music.My fave.song is "Thats Just the Way We Roll." Please come to Athens TX. cause thats were I live.If yall come that will be really great and every girl I know LOVES u.My friends Tori And Sarah love Nick and my friends Charley [girl] and Tania love Kevin and my friend Maria And I love Joe. So if you come to Athens that would mean a lot.
Love Reagan Bell
Girls of
Athens TX.

whoa.. | Reviewer: jacque jalomo | 11/18/07

i know u guyz probably are sick of hearing this(or not)(=P)but u guyz r soo hott and i fell into ur music the moment i heard it. i love it!! pleez come tour in pensacola,fl bcuz that were i am!! pleez add me on myspace mmkay? url:sukr4guyzineyelinr13

u RoCk | Reviewer: rachel | 11/14/07

Hey dudes,
u guys r awsome!Ur music is so inspiring!
I'm like always on YouTube watching your videos.Joe is so funny. I always bust out laughing when I see you.Nick + Kevin r cool too.
Well gotta go bye!