u guys r awesome | Reviewer: ASHLYN | 3/11/09

i live in the middle east but i am not an arab. i am an indian. i luv songs. i can sing too. i've never got on a stage to sing. i wanna be a pop singer but my mom wants me to be a chritian singer. luv u guys.

i love the jonas brothers! | Reviewer: mallory | 2/28/09

i love the jonas brothers! i can't put into words how much i love them and what i would do to meet them! i'm hands down, their number one fan! i'm so obsessed it's unhealthy. no joke. i think their songs are adorable and full of meaning. i'll do anything under the sun to meet them!

hi this is princy. | Reviewer: princy | 2/5/09

hi this is princy.i like jo bros very much.i liked the movie camprock in that i liked joe's acting very much.but, his walk, to dance rehearsal room (in d movie), was realy awkward. it was like girls' walk.i think whoever read this msd cud hardly undrstand what i mean to say.

rak Jonas jung loey^^ | Reviewer: Bom_thai girl | 1/26/09

hey jonas u r my super star u just the boy i'm looking for i really love you and always will i think now i can be just fanclub i want to see u guys but in thailand they crazy about the korea band it's suck and so stupid i think once a day i will go to America for see ur concert ^^

I'm curious | Reviewer: Tori | 12/21/08

I was just wondering If you could see about putting more information about yourself in biographys on line for when I want to write a biography on you in class or just so I can know more about your personality.By the way all of you are the cutest boy Disney Cannel Stars in the whole entire earth!Your biggest fan!TORI!

jonas brothers rockz | Reviewer: amanda imperial | 12/7/08

Heyy jonas brothers u guys totally rock and I love ur music sooooooo much u guys rock my world. The moment I heard ur music for the first time I knew u guys rock. I love to listen to ur music all the time I just can`t stop listening to ur awsome music it`s just sooooooo awsome. I also had seen camp rock like 15 times and it`s soooooooo awsome. I also think you all are so cute,and joe not to be mean but u do not look cute with a mushstaceh and kevin you should make ur hair straight like joes or shave ur side burns. Also every summer you should come to nyc were madison square gardens is and do concerts there every summer. You guys rrrrrroooooccccckkkkk. Love your biggest #1 fan, Amanda imperial

Hate alot? | Reviewer: Amanda | 12/4/08

I dont see whats so bad about Miley Cyrus, shes pretty cool, shes an alright artist but I think she does a wonderful job on the show Hannah Montanna. but that doesnt make her a 'FAME WHORE' but whatever lol. no offense to the JB's but I only pretty much like the song, When You Look Me in the Eyes.. thats my favorite one by you guys. anywho, keep doing what your doing and listen to your heart, fuck the haters. =]

come for a concert in Greece,plz!!! | Reviewer: greek girl:"OMG!Niiiiickkkkk!!" | 10/21/08

OMG i feel really strong when i hear ur songs guys!oh Nick,as u can see i love ya soooo much that every night i see u in my dreams and u say to me that u love me in Greek and we are like we love each other!just come for a concert in Athens,i promise i'll come and i will be in the first seats,and i'll never stop singing all of ur songs!plz guys!love ya all,but especially Nick!i am a 15 year old girl from the wonderful Greece!!!!!Σας αγαπώ παιδιά!!!!!!Σ'ΑΓΑΠΩ ΝΙΚ!!!!!!!!!!

well good for them :) | Reviewer: Jaynii | 10/15/08

Hey guys . i thionk it is great that you have eachother i love singing but i am not confident enough to do it on my own and have no one around me who likes singing like i do, i really think its nice that you would have an opportunity like that and be able to song your songs. i think you guys are great seriously i could listen to then all day haha =]. email back please and give me some advice for ym confidence pleaaseee.

Kodak family moments? Yes. Musicians? No. | Reviewer: jordyn_hooley@hotmail.com | 9/17/08

The Jonas brothers rock !... and they have lots of talent !!! , you people just say these things because you are jealous of them !! ... so get over yourselves and admit they have tons of talent ! and i love them ! :)