Check it out | Reviewer: Anonymous | 9/7/08

Hey, I love the Jonas Brothers. And if you do to you may have already heard of the new website. You can get your photo on a page, because the site is getting so big the Jonas Brothers will eventually see it. And then they will see your photo too. Check it out. There are over 30 pages, and there have already been over one thousand people on the site. There are hundreds of photo's, video's, interviews, information, and tons more. Alot of pages of Kevin Jonas, Joe Jonas, Nick Jonas and of course Frankie!! Listen to them rap. Hear all their songs, read their lyrics, talk to other fans, find out what shows they are going to be on, look at photo's, watch funny video's, and tons, tons more... so what are you waiting for? Its already a big hit, and its always being updated.

agreed...maybe??? | Reviewer: Anonymous | 9/6/08

they have some talant thats wat started it... but half the reason they made it so far is because their HOT!! well i think 1 is but thats besides the point but their getting better...n i no that cus i saw them the other week n aso that slutty miley cyrus!! ek!! i hate her well i really shouldnt be saying this but im the nearlt the same age as nick n i care bout him cus hes been me friend for anout 7 years

Kodak family moments? Yes. Musicians? No. | Reviewer: Anonymous | 9/1/08

I don't understand what's so great and fantastic about the Jonas Brothers. These guys can't sing or write lyrics. Honestly, I'm glad they're not fame whores (like Miley Cyrus), and that they're building their career from the ground up. But seriously, the Jonas Brothers have no talent.

the sky is the limit | Reviewer: ben | 8/19/08

okay i'm back and i just listened to the new album. it's as awesome as the stone says it is. i probably wont buy the physical cd just because it would be kind of embarrassing as a 16 year old guy to go up to the cashier with a jonas brothers album. but i definitely dont feel silly LISTENING to it so ill probably grab it on the internet. i mean it's a great album and the jonases have amazing talent and the sooner all the narrow minded punks who hate these guys get that through their heads the better. and here is the scary part about the jonases new album: they can still get better! the sky is the limit for these guys.

i'm curious | Reviewer: Anonymous | 8/19/08

i read a reveiw for the new album "a little bit longer" in rolling stone and it really suprised me when they got such a great reveiw. i never really hated them but it still really shocked. but now i'm curious as i am anytime the stone gives a suprisingly good reveiw. ive been tryin to listen to the songs on aol music but the free cd player is on the fritz so i'll have to wait "a little bit longer" to hear this thing. i just listened to burnin up on their myspace and it is stuck in my head like the needle currently stuck in my arm(no i'm not really drugging up right now but needed a good symallie). heck if aol wont let me hear it i'll just go buy it and give it to my little sister if i dont like it(i'm a 16 year old very masculine guy, the last person you would expect to listen to the jonas brothers). i'll keep you guys updated.

hey guys i luv yins! | Reviewer: Dakotah(Dk) | 8/15/08

hey guys i absolutly love you and your music i have a passion for music like you guys even though i havent wrote any music but i am trying i just dont know how my songs dont really make sense and dont sound like songs any advice guys i know you say to write about personal thing or experences and thats what i try to do but its just doesnt sound right so if you could give me some help i would love it!

i love the jb's sooooooooooo much | Reviewer: Timika | 8/15/08

hey, my name is timika and i am a huge fan of urs. is it possible if u guys came 2 far north QLD[Queensland]cairns.there r sooo many jonas brothers fans at my skool.i live in cairns.i go to woree state primary skool.i am a senior.i could show u guys around my hometown.cum visit me anytime.i live at 6 harlequin st, whiterock,cairns.QLD,Australia.please come 2 cairns!!!!! it is the best place ever, and u can go swimming in the best pools ever

i love your songs! | Reviewer: sammy | 8/12/08

when i went to sleepaway camp we used ur guys songs for our camp fire songs! i love u guys soo much! i love ur music nd im a big fan!! u guys rockkk! nick ur soo hott!! nd kevin i loved ur hair b44!! nd joee i love u at ur concert i love how u all dance! its awesome im tryin to get tickets to ur concert in september!!!
p.s please email backk!

hey whtz up | Reviewer: samantha | 8/11/08

Hey Nick, Joe, and last Kevin we cant forget about him can we. OMJ u guys r like so hot and u guys rock. I think nick is more hot though no a fence joe and kevin both of u r cute too!anyway g2g BYE! email me back plze

you guys are the best | Reviewer: syaira | 8/6/08

the jonas brothers are really owsum. i really got inspired by them and then i wrote better songs. im always really positive with everything so it really helped out alot. thankyou joe, kevin, and nick. you guys are the best and i will always look up to you guys.