you guys are so sexy | Reviewer: ananymous | 3/25/08

Nick, Kevin and Joe are so sexy. I want to have sex with you all SOOOOOOOOOOOOOO badly. When we have sex I will probably get pregnant and have a kid and name it one of your names. If you hate the Jonas Brothers you are big fuckin' asses.

P.S. Somebody write back!!

whatevere | Reviewer: ElIzAbEtH | 3/24/08

ok there some girls at my high school . they say that there going out with joe&nick . thoes girls are very ugly there not even that pretty . they are soooooooooo re-tarded . i think they are total lieing. thoes girls are very uuuuuuuggggggglllllllyyyyyy =B THERE BUUCK THOOOTH EEEWWWW I DONT THINK JOE OR NICK WOUL EVERE GO OUT WITH THEM 4 EVERE.............I LOVE JOE JONAS NOT LIKE LOVE!!!!!

OMG ! | Reviewer: Ellis | 3/23/08

I love the Jonas Brothers !They are so awsome when they just get up there to sing !"I wanna be
like you" is like the best song ever and so is
"SOS" ,"Hold On " and "Year 3000" ! I love you
guys sooooooooooo MUCH !

luv u guys | Reviewer: maddy | 3/24/08

hey! i luv u guys and i hope u come 2 aus soon! i luv u all but kevin is ma fave! i luv nick and joes voices and kev's awsome guitar! by the way, i play guitar and sing in a band as well! we r called double entendre! don't ask! any way, luv u all!

PLEASE COME | Reviewer: Sara | 3/23/08

ok first i just want to say i luv all three of u guys!!! ur music is soooooooooooo cool i love it! i have like 19 posters of u guys on my walls (lol)!!! oh and you guys like have to come to PITTSBURGH PENNSYLVIANIA or else i dont know what i'll do cuz u guys r awesome and that would be soooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo cool if u came here and if u did i would hav ur tickets the day they went on sail! ok thats it LUV ALL THREE OF YOU (espesicially kevin =] ) BYEE -------Sara♥☺☻

I LOVE U JOE!!!!!!!!!!! | Reviewer: Kelly | 3/14/08

how is yout tour? I have seen you in concert but i have never met u before:( I will someday though :) (i've seen u at the vandal arena in grand raipids michigan. i am 12 yrs old
Kelly Ortiz <3

If i could spend a second with... | Reviewer: Soleil V. | 3/11/08

All three of you for just a second id get three heart-attaks one for each of u (by the way i love JOE,sasha:my cousin loves Kevin,and her sister Sara loves Nick so i have girls 4 all of you) I might sound ridiculous bcuz u hear stuff like this all the time but thats the price u get for being famous! oh well :)! my dream would have to be spending time with u guys and getting to know you.Bye Hugs and kisses from:PR ATT:YOURS ONLY Soleil

MARRY ME!! | Reviewer: zeina | 3/5/08

ok joe i kno a lot of girls ask u 2 marry them but seriously MARRY ME!! either you or nick not cuz of looks but omg nick has the SWEETEST voice i swear i have ever heard in my life and joe ur voice makes me have the chills lmaoo and ur looks

you guys r cool | Reviewer: reyna | 3/3/08

me and my sister lve ur songs. & we hope to see u in real life. well thats a dream now but we hope it will come true some day. me and my sis wish u the best in ur song writing and ur health. bye 4 now reyna and kristina!

nick jonas lover | Reviewer: Anonymous | 3/2/08

ilooooooooooooooove u guys so much and i love to sing just like u guys! i wish i could meet you guys 1 day but i dought it!)-: i went to ur concert in dec. loved it. i got tikets for christmas to ur concert. i cant belive ur from jersey thats so cool!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!i hope that one day that i can be a famous singer just like you!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!kk hope to meet u guys 1 day!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!111
(ps i like nick out of all of u guys sry no offense to you kevin and bad im a few years yonger than u guys.!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!)-: