U ROCK MY SOCKS | Reviewer: sara | 10/5/07

i agree with 'advice' ;) u really should start a show...all the fans around the world will watch if u do it!!!XD and of course i'll watch it =P

jonas | Reviewer: caligirl114@comcast.net | 10/3/07

this great to read about them get to know them i an big fan myself from the first song call mandy from their i love them

luv v v v u guys | Reviewer: Taylor | 9/30/07

heyy, i think u guys should have a reality show or something..that would be awsome...o0o and all u guys are totally hott! mostly joe, nick comes next and kevins pretty cute but way to old for me...uhhh ok well....... I LOVE JB

Smokin' | Reviewer: Lizzie | 9/29/07

u guys r sooo hott i just wanna bake cookies on you!! i love all of ur songs!! Especially Hold On!

hott fuh so! | Reviewer: Anonymous | 9/29/07

hey guys!U r soo hott!i love u guys soo much!u looked soo hott on hannah montana!!i wish i could meet u!i live in trinidad and i really want u guys to come 4 a concert!

HOTT | Reviewer: LIZZIE | 9/29/07

u guys r soo hott its unbelievable!i give u each 100% on looks, personality and songwriting! i just luv u guys! everytime i hear one of ur songs i just wanna scream!!!will u please visit my country 4 a concert!!i would really like to meet u! i am u #1 fan!u guys r smokin hott!!ROCK ON!

hey! | Reviewer: jm | 9/29/07

hey nick! i am really sorry about your diabetes! i wish you never had to deal with that. i love you guys so much! i listen to you every day! my favorite songs are "when you look me in the eyes" and "just fiends"! i love you nick! i might go to your concert in Albany NY! you rock!

Cheerios | Reviewer: Cindy | 9/28/07

I think the Jonas Brothers rock!!!! i think all of them are cute in there own way but to me the best of all 3 is Nick because hes my age but im a day older but hes still the best
I love JB

advice | Reviewer: lizzie | 9/29/07

hey guys! i have an idea 4 u! y dont u start a sho. i think its a great idea. since u have so much fans, everyone will wanna watch it! and u will have new ideas 4 songs and much more. but if u do start it u have to let me b in the sho! im kidding. but u have to mention my name or something. i really think its a good idea. ull become more famous and everyone will want to watch it. i personally will watch it. ill never miss an episode. if any of u on this site agrees plz mention it in 1 of ur messages.

Jonas Brothers <3 | Reviewer: Skye | 9/28/07

heyy!!! you guys rock my sand box!!!! i love your songs and trust me all of you are so HAWT!!!! but im sorry to say nick is the best, it's so sad but he's awesome!!! your band is gonna be the greatest boy band of all time!!!